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White Capital

I have read two of your articles and I see the story of white capital playing itself out in my personal life.

I dont know what to day as it stands I am about to loose everything since I was involved in a franchise owned by a wealthy white family for 15 years. I made the mistake of dreaming and having ambition.

I went and registerd my own company with a view of franchising my own brand at a later stage.

I had white technicians working for me and the family used them to spy on me and they conspired with my stuff to subbotage my current franchise I own with them with a view of collapsing all my plans.

The injustice is so huge they have used unfair practise to sabotage my business and I am helpless to fight them since they are rich they blocking all my endevours as their franchasie for me to save my business.

Is there anyway I can expose them and maybe start a coversation to unleash the black masses to see the white racists for what they are?

Peter Matlou

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