home Andile's Column, News BLF wishes the Orlando Task Team a success in today’s election

BLF wishes the Orlando Task Team a success in today’s election

By Andile Mngxitama

The Black First Land First (BLF) movement wishes the Orlando Task Team (OTT) success in the 2016 Local Government Election (LGE) contest. OTT has proven itself a servant of the people and therefore deserves to represent the people of Orlando East.

BLF shall monitor the pact it entered with OTT based on the Sankara Oath, which was signed by both movements. The struggle to change the lives of our people is bigger than the ballot box. It’s aluta continua after today.

BLF condemns both the EFF and the DA for their dirty tricks in Orlando East. The OTT is the only authentic representative of the people. Fake flyers by both parties claiming endorsement by OTT only exposes their desperation. BLF also notes with concern that the two ballot boxes stolen in Soweto were for the wards OTT is contesting. This is too much of a coincidence and raises serious questions about possible rigging of the polls for the said wards.

BLF stands with OTT in one voice: “One Orlando! One community!”.

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