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EFF Silence on Johann Rupert’s call for a coup is most telling

By BO Staff Writer

The once radical, anti-capitalist, socialist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of Julius Malema has been uncharacteristically silent on the call for the State President to step down by what Malema used to call the Stellenbosch Mafia King – the powerful South African capitalist Johann Rupert.

Last week Rupert came out guns blazing in what many commentators have said is an uncalculated outburst indicating frustration with those inside the ANC who are said to be under his influence such as Cyril Ramaphosa and Trevor Manuel. The two have reportedly been summoned by Johann Rupert, after the appointment of Des Van Rooyen as Finance Minister, and given clear instructions to reverse the said appointment.

It must be remembered that these two ANC leaders have a long relationship with the Ruperts. Manuel’s marriage to Maria Ramos was held at the landed gentry’s rolling wine estate in Stellenbosch.

A few years ago, Julius Malema complained that his problems with the taxman were mainly on the instigation by Johann Rupert. It is however clear, that the EFF leader has now smoked the peace pipe with the  leader of monopoly white capital and he is now on the same side as Rupert on calling for “Zuma Must Fall”.  This explains why the EFF has been so silent on the recent call by white monopoly capital for the overthrow of President Zuma.

This alliance, borne by failure to condemn the coup, lends credence to the allegation that the EFF is captured by white monopoly capital. Johann Rupert and the EFF seem to have made peace after the EFF leaders, led by Julius Malema, went to Stellenbosch on the invitation of white land owners in April 2015 where an agreement was reached that the EFF would not occupy the land of white farmers. Malema told white farmers there that EFF is only begging for land which the whites didn’t want to use. Malema said, as long “as it’s a productive farm, we don’t have to interfere with the production on that piece of land”. He further told them that when there is a part of the land “which is not used for agriculture purposes, we would be having a problem. All we are saying is the land must be used. It must not lie idle.”

The EFF has since amended its “non negotiable” land cardinal pillar to make it the official policy of the party to beg for land which is not used. These changes are in the interests of one of the biggest land thieves in South Africa – Johann Rupert! It accordingly explains why the EFF is so silent on Johann Rupert’s call for a coup against President Zuma. Johann Rupert wants a coup so that he can keep his stolen land. The ANC doesn’t seem to be able to guarantee Rupert’s interests. In this context Johann Rupert, as the leader of white capital, has now enlisted the EFF to join their call for Zuma to go.

After calling for a coup in SA to replace President Zuma, the big question in the minds of South Africans is whether Johann Rupert shall use his massive wealth to effect his desire for regime change so as to ensure the entrenchment of white supremacy in South Africa.

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