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Gupta Who?

By BO Staff Writer

Don’t you love how the notion of black people making money from government or with the assistance of government is almost criminalized and the black recipients of government businesses are called “BEE fat cats”? It has been automatically programmed in the minds of people that being black “economically empowered” is suggestive of a scandalous state of being. If he is not a tenderpreneur, he must be a thug!

Do you remember Khanyi Dlomo? Controversy arose in 2012 when it emerged that she had received a R34-million loan from the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) for the establishment of her boutique in Hyde Park known as Luminance. The Democratic Alliance (DA) suggested at the time that the business was “anything but broad-based and essentially amounts to empowering the empowered”. The EFF on its part gave Khanyi Dhlomo” 14 days to return the money to the NEF “failing which the matter would be reported to the Public Protector to investigate whether there are no previous relations between her and the wife of Nathi Mthethwa, and further investigate whether there was necessity to grant such a loan for a shop that will contribute nothing to South Africa’s developmental programmes”.

She subsequently shut her critics up and paid the loan. So, where’s the DA and the EFF now?

On the other hand white monopoly capital, and the beneficiaries of apartheid and colonialism still continue to reap the fruits of their forefathers’ “labour”. And nobody seems to care at all.

Did you know that on 12 May 1915, Naspers was founded as an Afrikaans name being “Nationale Pres (National Press) as publisher & printer of newspapers and magazines. A group of prominent Afrikaners decided at Stellenbosch in December 1914 to establish a publishing business so as to propagate a ‘nationalistic Afrikaner message’. It was founded by J.B.M Hertzog who also founded the National Party the previous year.”  Naspers owns ‘Die Huisgenoot’ and the very same M-NET that fired Gareth Cliff for racism.

I know what you’re thinking. The irony, right? Naspers’ involvement in the establishment of apartheid in South Africa is mired in controversy. Several directors and editors of the firm and its subsidiaries ended up in high office, including D.F Malan, H.F Verwoerd and P.W Botha.

If your history determines your future, then the Gareth Cliff and M-NET debacle shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Opening up a lucky packet and not knowing what to expect inside is a surprise. But a poster boy projecting his institutional propensities on a platform that was built by racists, for racists, isn’t a surprise. That’s nature!

The South African Apartheid Lawsuit filed cases in the United States in 2002 against motor-companies, banks and technology providers on the grounds that they provided services that propped up the infrastructure of apartheid and facilitated breaches of international law.

The ruling party greeted the litigation with a fascinating ambivalence, despite the fact that you might think that the ANC would leap at a chance to have victims of apartheid receive lucrative payouts from international corporations. But, in fact, this wasn’t the case at all! The cases were filed in New York in 2002. A year later erstwhile President Thabo Mbeki came out strongly against the institution of legal proceedings in these cases.

This is the very person whom many feel was better than Zuma. Black people, in automatically obeying the white supremacist logic, are so hopeful and clueless at the same time with regards to matters like these.

Mbeki said the lawsuit would interfere with “the sovereign right to determine, according to internal political and constitutional order, how to address apartheid’s legacy”. To this end the government feared the lawsuit would discourage foreign investment.

Did you know that ABSA was formed by an amalgamation of United, Allied,Trust and Volkskas banks, the latter of which was established by the Broederbond in 1934 and whose chairperson was also the Broederbond chairperson at the time?

Did you know Anton Rupert, the billionaire entrepreneur, was a member of the Afrikaner Broederbond? Anton Rupert was the father of the richest South African, Johann Rupert, who is actually one of the SA state capturers.

Did you know that F.W de Klerk, Mr Nobel Peace Price winner, also belonged to the Broederbond?

Now ladies and gentlemen, lads and lasses, please tell me … GUPTA who?

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