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It’s A Coup And You Don’t Know It!

It’s now an established truth that, “(t)he first casualty, when war comes, is truth”. Black Opinion (BO), seeks to go against the lies of white media and strive to speak the forbidden black truth. We are happy to announce this instrument of black opinion to counter the whitewashed news media and analysis. Black Opinion is committed to telling the black truth by any means necessary. The mainstream media is white. We must stop lamenting! Lets develop our own alternative media outlets for our black opinions to be heard. BO is about black people for black people! We have seen in the past few months how the white controlled social media like FaceBook has been blocking and suspending accounts of black people who speak black. Black Opinion is our platform to write what we like!


South Africans don’t know that in the past few months there has been an elaborate plot by white capital, lead by Johann Rupert, to effect regime change in the country so that white power is re-established and further entrenched. South Africans don’t understand why the banks, which traditionally keep the moneys of crooks and criminals, have suddenly closed the accounts of the Gupta family. These same banks have not dared to do the same with companies implicated in serious wrongdoings such as Lonmin which benefited from the bloody massacre of workers in Marikana. Apartheid mass murderers as well as alleged tax dodgers and cigarette smugglers like Mazzoti have bank accounts with these same banks. Right now in the Wild Coast at Xolobeni, an Australian based mining company, MRC, and its local subsidiary Transworld Energy & Mineral Resources (TEM) are accused of terrorizing the community of Amadiba with impunity. Community activists like Sikhosiphi Bazooka Rhadebe have been murdered but the accounts of implicated foreign white owned companies and their local subsidiaries are not frozen. What is going on here?


The people have been turned against themselves through mass campaigns of lies. We have been made to reduce the problems of South Africa to the Guptas. But all the things that the Guptas are accused of, and have been forced to leave the country for, are done by white capital and its not called corruption. South Africans don’t know that on the night of 13 December 2015, eight representatives of white capital met the top leaders of the ANC and instructed them to fire the Minister of Finance, Mr David van Rooyen, and to hire their preferred Minister who happened to Pravin Gordhan. The narrative sold is that the Guptas are doing “state capture” when, in fact, its exactly what white capital is doing for which there are no consequences. White capital has the right to be corrupt!


South Africans don’t know that a coup has happened in South Africa which has forced the Guptas to leave.  The strange behaviour of the banks to close down the accounts of the Guptas is part of a two-pronged strategy to remove President Zuma. The first arm of the strategy is #GuptaMustGo! The other arm of the strategy is #ZumaMustFall.  The first arm was in the sphere of influence of Johann Rupert who had come out and supported the call for a coup. He has delivered on the financial sanctions against the Guptas. What is now left is the second arm being  #ZumaMustFall which in turn can only be effected through mass action in the streets.  This arm  is in the sphere of influence of opposition political parties especially the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) which has already come out to say that it will work with Johan Rupert to realise his mission of regime change. Juluis Malema, the leader of EFF, has came out to call for Rupert to go into alliance with the EFF to defeat President Zuma.


The big question which our media is not asking is why the call for a regime change now? When the Guptas landed in the Waterkloof Air Force Base, there was no call for them to leave – so, why the call for them to go now? There are three important developments which Black Opinion shall break down in the coming weeks. First, there is a global attack on the BRICS countries by imperialism. Right now Brazil is facing this imperialist attack which is covered as a fight against corruption. However a closer look at who these people are that are leading the fake fight against corruption both in Brazil and in SA reveals that they are all corrupt people. Its not about them fighting corruption. Its about imperialism wanting to undermine the BRICS project which is going to take away their influence. The second reason is that in South Africa President Zuma has angered white capital by appointing David van Rooyen without consulting them and getting their approval. The Minister of Finance is controlled by whites. This explains why they had such a big run on the rand and forced Zuma to change his decision. Thirdly, they want to remove President Zuma as they no longer trust him. This loss of trust in Zuma is because he is not taking their calls from London and is seen as listening to the “east” – Russia, China and India. Moreover the Guptas, who are seen as being close to President Zuma, have also angered whites by entering into the mining sector. Whites want the Guptas gone and they want President Zuma gone!


You will not know that South Africa is under imperialist attack just like the other BRICS countries are. It’s the duty of BO to inform you against all odds. Every day, BO shall bring you an analytical piece and a critical reading of the previous day’s main news. BO welcomes reactions from readers, send your thoughts to [email protected]


Watch this space and welcome to BO.

Editorial Collective


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