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Mentor, Mthembu, Hannekom supporting cast of #ZumaMustGo Campaign

By BO staff writer

Like Chinua Achebe used to say, “the world is like a mask dancing, if you want to see it well, you do not stand in one place”.

Ever since the media frenzy surrounding former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor’s bizarre claims of the Gupta family offering her a ministerial job, it has become somewhat contrite for some to separate the wheat from the chaff.

If Mentor’s track record is anything to go by, one would naturally take her incongruous claims with a pinch of salt. Suppose it does not matter on which side her bread is buttered, as long as there is butter on the bread. In 2010 the Sunday Times reported that the ANC was investigating Mentor after she got Transnet to fork out R150 000 for her to join President Zuma on his state visit to China in August.

Vytjie Mentor
Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor recently made claims that the Gupta family offered her a ministerial job.

According to the Sowetan, Malusi Gigaba has conceded that the trip amounted to R155 000, which Transnet paid for from its sponsorship budget.

Here is some relevant contextual background regarding former ANC MP, Vytjie Mentor:

  • She recently declared and has since maintained that the Guptas offered her the public enterprises ministry position that was occupied by Barbara Hogan.
  • She served as Chair of the caucus, from 2004 – 2008 while Mbeki was president and Zuma was Deputy President.
  • On or about January 2008 ANC MP Ncumisa Nkondlo replaced Mentor as chairperson of the caucus. This was announced by Gwede Mantashe.
  • In May 2009 she was appointed Chairperson for the public enterprise committee. She joined Jacob Zuma on a state visit to China. This was shrouded in controversy.
  • ANC instituted an investigation into the conduct of Mentor after revelations in 2010 that Transnet paid R155, 000 for the above trip to China, including a first class air ticket.
  • According to PoliticsLive, she was sacked from her position as as chair of the public enterprises portfolio committee after she “reportedly asked for sponsorship for the trip without going through parliamentary protocol”.

The nitty-gritty is that white monopoly capital is scraping the barrel very desperately and all they’ve managed is to pull out is a baby rabbit out of the hat.

Mentor’s infamy will always cast a shed of ambiguity in the court of public opinion of conscious minds. Lies are easily spotted, especially when there is an over-emphasis of words. “I was really, really, really, really shocked and turned him down. There are other details I’ll reveal at the right time.” Those were Mentor’s words during an interview with Sunday Times before filling three buckets with crocodile tears. She goes on to say, “I have served my country. I am no longer scared to die. We were not scared to die under apartheid either. But must I live like a bird again under a state I fought for?” I ask myself, aren’t birds free?

Ladies and gentlemen, so-called “state-capture” is in full swing and the real culprits are the directors and not the actors in the movie.

And as for Jackson Mthembu, this is a man who was criticised for spending R2.3 million on 10 BMWs. He has been arrested for drunk driving before and he is a former MEC for transport in Mpumalanga. This wayward and miscreant dawdler seeks to reference other people as arrogant? White capital and its media are battling for credibility for their puppets and surely if credibility was for sale, Mr “don’t buy city press” would be the first one in the queue.

And then there is the dictatorial, over-glorified Derek Hannekom who said in a letter issued to the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) before the meeting with President Jacob Zuma, that they must use, “urgent corrective actions in the best interests of South Africa and its peoples”. Hannekom was selected by Nelson Mandela “partly” because of his ability, as an Afrikaner, to negotiate with land owners. Barbara Hogan became a minister of health and she was not a medical practitioner of any sort. She was elected for her supposed financial management skills. Also bare in mind that her responsibility in the ANC was to mobilise the so-called “white political left”. These two individuals were evidently sought out to look after the interests of white monopoly capital, of which they still do today in their attempts to supplant and subdue the non-white, publicly vilified Gupta family.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. As we find ANC top officials, embroiled in insipid polemics and making full use of the media as a centre stage, a lot of us are engulfed in puzzlement. The battle lines are drawn! It is the case of the West vs the East. If you thought the Cold war ended in 1991, wake up.

However, a lot of stones remain unturned as far as the ANC is concerned. Why was Mentor rushing off to join the President on his State visit to China? Who actually sent her? It appears that she has had a London agenda from the word go, along with her fellow back seat drivers (being the relatively irrelevant and voiceless non-entities like Mcebesi Jonas)

This is not a level playing field. White capital wants all the threats to their looting decimated. Johann Rupert’s call for Zuma to step down has been rebuffed so mildly by the supposed pro-Zuma camp that if politics were a contact sport, their riposte to Johann would amount to touch-rugby.

Why are we treating white opinions like we are walking on egg shells? Why is everyone chasing luna dust, smaller than a grain of rice and not calling Rupert’s nonsensical drivels and interference “state capture”?

Fellow blacks, a lot of people have sold their birthright for a mess of pottage. Let us conscientise ourselves. People keep saying “Guptas Must Fall ” as if that would give us our land back. Only land return would end poverty, end white supremacy, and extirpate institutional racism – but above all, give us dignity. Land return should be our priority.

A shoplifter and a murderer can never be given equal punishment. And you cannot leave the killer and chase after a shoplifter just because he/she is easier to catch. That is embracing weakness and gross submission. Johann Rupert must go back to London and inform his impertinent fellows that their steadfast grip on our economy will soon be a distant memory.

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