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Strategies of Regime Change by Imperialism #ZumaMustFall #DilmaMustFall

By BO staff writer

The call for #ZumaMustFall, which was condemned last year for being racist by progressive organisations such as National Union of Metal Workers Union of South Africa (NUMSA) and Black First Land First (BLF), seem to be part of a world wide strategy for regime change in BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) countries. Right now, the Left wing President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, is under siege by right wing USA funded and controlled protest for her to step down. Brazil has been undergoing a pro-poor policy programme that has lifted millions out of poverty and has threatened the interests of both local and international capitalist forces who are now desperate because Lula da Silva, who introduced these measures, may be elected back as president in 2018. They need to get rid of the Workers Party government through unconventional methods.

The difference is that in Brazil, the coup movement is angered by the pro-poor policies and in South Africa the same movement is triggered by the perception of the Guptas family encroaching in the economic arena that white capital considers its sole preserve. The common feature in both Brazil and South Africa is that global and local capitalist class for different reasons want regime change and are not willing to wait for any electoral process. The imperialist’s biggest weapon is the economy of these countries which they control and can run down with a mere down grading by “Rating Agencies”.  Once there is an economic down turn precipitated by the same imperialists, they blame the governments and get the politically uniformed but hungry masses to revolt.

Whilst in Brazil it can be said its a planned coup by right wingers against a Left wing government, in South Africa its the right wing against the right wing. The one faction of the Right Wing inside the ANC and in opposition parties is betting for the West through the London axis of power, whilst the Zuma right wing faction has abandoned the West for the East. Those calling for Zuma must go like their counter part in Brazil are doing it for the continued domination of the West.

The modus operandi of the imperialist coup plotters is the same across the world.

First they down grade the country to junk status, this intensifies or provokes an economic crisis. Secondly, they blame the economic crisis they have precipitated on to the government or head of state they want gone. Thirdly, they use private owned media (their  own media in other words) to project the government or leaders they want gone as corrupt (often using known corrupt leaders to do so but now present them as crusaders for anti-corruption). Fourthly, they fund “social movements”, “NGOs” and opposition right wing political parties to organise street protests exploiting real issues of the people for regime change. Fifthly, they then rig the elections or reject the outcomes of the elections if they don’t win and start the circle all over again until they win. 

One of the best documentaries exposing how “mass action” is used for imperialist ends is the 2002 Venezuela The Revolution Shall not be Televised:


BO shall follow the events in Brazil and bring you up dates every Friday including i interviews with the progressives forces under siege.



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