by BO staff writer

date 11 April 2016

Steve Biko left the multiracial NUSAS with his comrades to form the blacks only SASO. Photo: Daily Dispatch/Gallo Images
Steve Biko left the multiracial NUSAS with his comrades to form the blacks only SASO. Photo: Daily Dispatch/Gallo Images

A deliberate lie has been hatched and promoted that black people cannot fight racism and white supremacy as  BLACKS ONLY. This is the lie the likes of Steve Biko and Malcolm X had to fight against. White liberals, those who claim to be on the side of black people, are the main architects of this fallacious notion. They whitemail blacks into becoming defenders of this “intergrationist” policy. Over and over again this policy has failed black people. In all mixed race organisations, the main concerns end up being those of white people, the same people who are ALL beneficiaries of white racism. 

The old trick to silence blacks who have reached a high level of radical black consciousness is to call them racist. Malcolm X and Biko were called racist! Its expected and blacks must stop explaining themselves to whites. There is a truism that cannot be avoided: whites, irrespective of what they think or do in a racist society, are beneficiaries of racism. Without knowing it, when white supremacy is threatened they end up finding excuses for it and thereby delay the liberation of black people. True friends of blacks are not those whites who try to find reasons for an “intergrationist” struggle but those who leave blacks to determine their own struggle without white supervision.

The most prevalent strategies used to discipline blacks into “multi-racialism” in organisations are the following:

1. “Blacks can’t use racism to fight racism!”

The black response should be: “Oh well, Blacks Can’t Be Racist!”

2. “Biko and Fanon were ‘humanists’ and therefore struggled for an inclusive future.”

The black response: “That’s a lie. Both were pro-black in racist societies. Biko walked out of the non-racial, intergrationist NUSAS to form the black only, black consciousness SASO. Stop distorting Biko and Fanon for white inclusion and comfort.”

3. “What about those whites who are our friends and want what we want?”

The black response: “If they were really our friends they would not insist on a solution that includes them. They would understand  that racism, colonialism and white supremacy are oppressive and violent systems of power that affect only black people.”

The good news is that there is an emerging pro-black militant attitude and practise in South Africa, where whites are excluded in black spaces. However, there is also a lot of confusion created by white liberals, more so in liberal university campuses, who continue to distort Biko and Fanon. Below are three important pieces to assist in explaining why the only legitimate basis for struggling against white supremacy requires BLACK ONLY organisation.

Here Black Opinion presents some useful links to assist blacks in understanding the strategies of white liberals and how to counter them:

1.  White People have no Place in Black Liberation


2. The White Anti-Racist is an Oxymoron


3. White Skins Black Souls


Let’s read!




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