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Dear editorial team.


Firstly allow me to congratulate you for the attempt and courage in establishing a media platform in this very one sided industry.


I fully concur with you that indeed a plurality of views is required in this age of democracy from a diverse media, it’s disappointing to notice the level of bias in the media space,where two different outlets reporting on similar events would tackle completely different angles of the same events.

this is a trend noticed especially in giant media houses.


You are correct that our media is largely un-transformed and the angle in which major news items are covered is through the “white lens and pen”


I disagree with you:


I however disagree with you on the matter of the Guptas and president Zuma.

I reject the notion that the Gupta’s and their relationship with the president represent what we should strive for in the attainment of economic freedom.


I also refuse to believe that president Zuma is a poor victim of Western plotters, the current furore around this relationship is based on specific events that disturbingly revealed a trend of reducing this nation and its people into a Banana Republic (If I may use the word)


The story of a president’s family members enriching themselves not because they possess special talents but simply given their proximity to power often accompanies the story of collapse in governance, this narrative is so common in many a collapsed African states.


As an African, I know too well that there is something horribly wrong when a single man that earns in excess of R2 Million per annum is somehow allowed to build a private palace for himself to the tune of a quarter billion rands at the tax payers’ expense?


I am especially horrified that a family from India can be so emboldened to even call cabinet members and order them around…the Gupta’s aren’t black and neither are they African…they feed off a bad stereotype that African leaders are generally corrupt and can only think through their stomachs.


The Gupta’s aren’t representative of struggling yet capable black industrialists whose potential has been pushed aside in the quest for instant gratification projects such as BEE share allocation, a phenomenon that has consistently reduced black people, regardless their social class, into beggars in the economy.


Many an aspiring black industrialist can only dream of a five minute conversation with a minister of mining resources, let alone to have him as part of their negotiation team in the acquisition of mineral rights!


Many an aspiring black industrialist can only wish to have the ear of the president and cabinet when faced with financial challenges in their businesses!


The unholy collaboration of capital elites and political elites is behind the underdevelopment of my African brothers and sisters despite their amazing talents in this continent, From Nigeria to Somalia and the DRC this is a well documented trend.


The argument that “whites have been doing it, why not Indians” is very insulting to say the least as it seeks to justify the notion that blacks are “perpetual minnows” that constantly require a guiding hand from others, this in the land of their fore fathers, our standards should be black excellence and not based on “who is the most evil big brother between London and Mumbai!”


I as a proud and ambitious black man demand to be led by someone more competent, an individual that embodies what the young population of this continent aspires to become, I refuse to recognize a serial survivor of scandals as my leader….I am impatient with black incompetence in the age where excellence should be driving this continent’s people out of squalor and ignorance.


It starts with leadership!


I look forward to following the platform you have created, let’s engage!

Thank You!

Modishane Sebona


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