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Response 1 – Its a Coup and you don’t know it.

An excellent piece on State Capture and truly an insightful opinion. One cannot help but agree that there is by far more to the current Zuma and Gupta saga than meets the eye or ear for that matter.

However Zuma, through his own actions, leaves very little room for the people to defend him. The Guptas have shown grave disrespect for our country in many instances and thus has not helped their cause either. I agree that the action of the Banks gives credence to your view that the Guptas are deliberately and vulgar squeezed out. We have  not seen similar action against the Stadium building collusion that robbed our country of millions. We have not seen the same action taken against well known organised criminals from the West and Northeastern Europe. There is no instance where the Law enforcement agencies had accused the Guptas of criminal activity and instituted the assert forfeiture legislation. So why are they being singled out is basically the point that I am getting from your piece wrt the Guptas.

Zuma is his own worst enemy. There can be no argument that the judges of our constitutional court are also in the pockets of White Capital. The judgement by the constitutional court leaves Zuma  naked and exposed and there is no way that he can be defended. The defense of this nation will lie in him resigning and a new President taking over until the next election. I do agree though that there must be greater vigilance and more impetus from Black people for the nature and battle grounds of the struggle have now changed and there is by far more sophistication  in the manner in which our oppression is now perpetuated.  I don’t trust the EFF, I wish the Black Consciousness Movement and the Pan Africanist Congress could wake up and come and assist this faltering  ANC  to fight against the recolonisation of our Country and continent. The Brics Countries must also use their huge financial and intelligence muscle to defend themselves instead if so sheepishly working into the slaughter house of world economics and finance.

Marcus Mzolisi Banga

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