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Message From The Black Opinion Editorial Collective

The editorial collective of BLACK OPINION (BO) is pleased to announce that since going online on Sunday,10 April 2016 at about 20h30, viewership has been above 10 000 views per day. In some days, BO exceeded 16000 visits to the publication.

We thank the contributors, who give so much selflessly. We thank, in particular, you the reader who has also forwarded the BO links to others. Without your constant support BO won’t flourish.

BO is committed to black liberation and the black truth at all times.

As part of the commitment to the #BuyBlack campaign BO will be providing free advertising space to black owned businesses for the next three months. Send your adverts to [email protected]

Every Friday, BO will publish letters and reactions received in the week. The first batch of letters are going out today.

The main pieces this Friday shall be published at 7pm. These will include:

1. Did FNB fund the EFF trip to London and why was Johann Rupert so angry?
2. Update on the Brazil Coup
3. Media Captured
4. Omnibus Black Letters for the week

Yesterday important pieces were published, namely:

1. Five Perspectives On Why Pravin Gordhan’s Budget Is Anti-Black, by BO Staff Writer
2. How The Medical Care Industry Is Screwing Us – Time To Rethink Healthcare, by Ayanda Tshazi
3. Why The #BuyBlack Campaign Is A Step Towards Black Liberation, by Andiswa Flatela
4. Buy Black? Beware Of White Supremacy – The Case Of “Black Wall Street”, by BO Staff Writer

Some of the above pieces were published last night and many are yet to go through them. Let’s read, learn and grow!

White media has a clear agenda of maintaining white supremacy. It is doing what it has set out to do in line with its anti black agenda. Black Opinion is committed to black liberation and therefore prioritizes the black truth. This is in tune with our revolutionary agenda.

Have a great weekend!

We write what we like coz we black qha!

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