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Response 9 – It’s A Coup And You Don’t Know It!

Dear BO

Concerning your article: It’s A Coup And You Don’t Know It!

Many of my concerns are answered to an extent and recently for an example I’ve applied for an ADSL line that Telkom technicians refused outright to install until I complained on various platforms where they eventually ended up installing it and the very next day it went down with no one explaining why and it dawned on me that this rise in cable theft especially in Black townships seems to be by design to push our people towards the mercy of the expensive mobile industry if not to keep us away from critical self empowerment and that if South African government was to execute an Executive Order similar to the 13010 of the Americans, that it would be the day we realize that our government has little to no power over our country’s critical infrastructure and that I believe it is by design. This view is not something that I am hiding to anyone but a concern that makes me believe that even the smaller factions in our society are starting to take advantage of our crisis for their own selfish ambitions and gain even to overtake and oppress the very majority of our people to the benefit of the wicked and greedy players advantage.

Ever since I started posting my personal views on facebook, I’ve been getting some sms messages telling me that my password has been reset continually even after I changed my password as if to frustrate me or something however I’ve been ignoring them and hoping that one of these days we will have our own social media platforms and not depend on those who hate us for no humanly valuable reason except for their evil intentions.

All the best (Hoping you are legit)


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