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Response 4 – Its A Coup And You Don’t Know It

Hi Editor

1. Which black peoples accounts have been blocked by Facebook who speak black

2. did the BFL discover a new language called black?

3. please supply any evidence that the Rupert’s are involved in regime change

4. Not even Sikhosiphi Bazooka parents have implicated foreign whites where is your evidence?

5. #Guptamustgo was started by the EFF not white capital sorry for you?

6. Where is your evidence that the people leading the movement against the Brazilian government are corrupt?

7. Where is your evidence that the Minister of Finance is controlled by whites?

8. Where is your evidence that whites are angered by the Guptas entering the mining sector?

Allegations are very easy to make and a small number of people will believe it but not tose who matter. It is clear that you publish allegations without the research to back your allegations. If this is what you really want to do then no one can stop you. Then again who would want to stop this. This is equal to the gossip magazines covering celebrity lives. I was really hoping for a more in depth publication seeing that Andile has a degree.

Have a great day.


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