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Response 2 – Its A Coup And You Don’t Know It.

I do not care whether this is a fabricated lie or not. What I LIKE and LOVE about it is it is well constructed and it CONFORTS me. My intelligence that is continually being substituted for stupidity and crime, my intelligence that is being constantly brutalised…now find healing in this black favouring analysis. I’m staying in Rural Areas Of Kuruman, NC province. ….and just after Wandile Bozwana s death, Wandile whom everybody knew as corrupt and corrupted by ANC(And yes facts proved he was)….after his death a certain realisation struck deep into me that I was actually supposed to have supported that corruption because it was empowering a black man. After all Wandile was building an empire, extending deals to other black guys who also were managing their businesses well. In Kathu, The Area where I’m working and the area where the biggest open cast mine is, today you see a building being erected and tomorrow you see the new business being opened…..all such businesses and buildings are white owned..The whole land belongs to the mine and to blacks it is not accessible unless one is politically connected….and strongly so… that political connection is corruption but the land that we are being refused is crockedly owned. I have lived to see one thing. ….whites have a privilege!!! As an artisan, employed at the sametime with a white artisan of the same age as myself. …5 years later….he has cars, kids, wife, house and I have nothing but only debts upon debts. When analysts are called in to evaluate us they say it is because a white man is more smart that I am. But I had to go and build mama a house, my granny who took care of me is now critical and I had to aid her medically. …my brother must attain a better education than I had. I also must eat and their rent is very expensive.






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