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The Mysterious White Hand In The Black Market Of Matsheni

by Mlungisi Ngubane

date 15 April 2016


The black faces of the people of MATSHENI in Pietermaritzburg at 74 Retief Street reflect a deep sense of ambivalence. The black souls are terrified as they silently rove around. There is an element of disunity or a lack of leadership that characterizes the atmosphere.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the white situation imposed on black people. Yes this is so even though we are in a so-called “democratic” environment under ANC custodianship.


The notorious, infamous black market of MATSHENI has enjoyed a fair share of denouncement by the society of Pietermaritzburg. Let me say it unequivocally, ladies and gentlemen – black people are poor, hungry and their needs are not responded to. These needs are essential for living, just so that we can breathe. This system is not conducive for black survival.  We are suffocating!


The “mysterious” hand which is invisible nonetheless reminds us that we are owned by it and everything around us. I can’t turn to the government for the mysterious hand comes in a black skin, or should I say, it comes from the government that itself advocates for the “mysterious hand.” My readers listen attentively, we have no black government!


On the 1st of April 2016, sitting and enjoying the air that is not hygienic (yes, the place is not so clean), listening to music, watching the wretched black souls dancing to a delightful tune – the fun was interrupted by the arrival of the police with scooters, making noises as a demonstration of their presence.  In this black market of MATSHENI all the owners of the stores that sell liquor (without liquor licenses) were intimidated by police presence and closed their shops immediately upon their arrival. The fact that they closed their shops due to the presence of the police has an underlying reason –  their liquor will be confiscated if their shops were open. These raids happen regularly and randomly. So vigilance and caution are maintained at all costs.The police brought a strong message from the municipality which read:


“As per the full council resolution dated the 9th of September 2015, it is the intention of the municipality to;


  1. a) Shut down the beer halls on Erf 2246 Pietermaritzburg being 74 Retief Street to

allow for re-planning of the area.


  1. b) All illegal occupants have until the 30th of April to vacate the property.


  1. c) For all enquires please contact: Samson Gabel, Programme office: informal trade (033 392 2287)


Ms. Boniwe Zulu


City Hall



Reading this message big concerns came to mind. The counsellors of the municipality have taken decisions about the black market in MATSHENI with no consultation with the owners of the shops (who are blacks). I question myself, what is freedom? What is freedom of expression? What is freedom of speech? These black souls are silenced. No one is interested in their opinions about this subject. I denounce this in a critical manner.  These thugs in municipal regalia or suits and ties have studied the subject in isolation from the subject matter.


I agree, MASTHSENI is the heart of drugs in Pietermaritzburg. But on the contrary have we sat as the counsellors of the municipality and asked ourselves,  how do these drugs reach the place? Let me say it harshly – the government officials and the white “mysterious” hand are the main players here. Can I give these ignorant servants some piece of education? My advise to you is  “go cut the supply” of the same mysterious hand – that’s our solution. Is my answer, harsh? If so, let me be rough and name these government officials who are drug lords.


May his soul rest in peace – Jackie Selebi who held a position as the Commissioner of the South Africa Police Service was a friend of the uncovered mysterious serpent, the “white man” Glenn Agliotti who was accused of murdering Brett Kebble. Selebi was convicted and given a suspended sentence for his role in a multi-million rand drug deal which is known as the “paparas case”. Selebi was charged for fraud, racketeering, corruption and off course defeating the ends of justice. The trial went on for years but the mysterious hand in the person of Glenn Agliotti had told the court he had paid Mr Selebi an amount of R1.2million and more from the year 2001. I now put this Selebi saga to rest by saying that I highly rebuke Selebi’s actions – he abused his power and authority as a Commissioner of the South Africa Police Service.


To those who are affected in MATSHENI, I come to your defence – irrespective of whether you had liquor licences or not.  You have the right to do what is right to respond to demands that have no alternatives. Let us understand as Stalin says it –  their happiness is based on our sorrows. The counsellors will get paid for starving others, who sadly happen to be black people like them. This exposes the hypocrisy of the so called ruling party. Oh! The ANC has no business in black business. It has served to destroy black business and condemn them to the gutters. I cry but my tears are meaningless to these people.  They have one motive – to impress the mysterious hand. They are not moving, they are in fact moved. They are provided with all the ammunition to intimidate and brutalize semi-humans (blacks/slaves).


The letter talks of replanning.  A bold question arises in this context:  while you replanning how are we going to make a living? All these questions were never considered merely because they don’t care. This kind of action is one that a slave adopts from his master.


I have deliberately separated the conundrums of selling liquor without liquor licences from that of selling drugs. Now lets tackle the issue of selling drugs. Let me clarify, no one in the black race from infant to the elderly ever dreams of being a drug lord, criminal, sex worker –  these are all results of racism and slavery. We are jostled to these ends. We are poor. We are hungry. We are landless in our lands. We own nothing but owe everything. Us selling drugs, being sex workers, committing crime in general while under this anti black system can never be isolated from its cause. These problems are not solely of MATSHENI – it’s a national issue. Why? Because racism which causes all the problems, including poverty, is all over. Broadly viewed, poverty is haunting blacks all over the planet – and the same mysterious hand is responsible for this. We blacks suffer for their own selfish profit gains. I re-echo the sentiments of the black consciousness movement –  the black man is left alone to suffer in peace and shall die silently so. To this end singer Tupac Shakur’s description of ghetto life is apt:   “Suppress the revolution of premeditated scheme. Introduce a drug called crack, to us ghetto teens”


Now after drawing from the greats I ask is there a black person’s  laboratory that manufactures drugs? If yes, who taught that black person to manufacture drugs?


Getting access to university is harder than getting access to drugs. The support for fees to fall is in this context ver significant. Free eduction is possible. By the way, why don’t you make free education cheaper and accessible to blacks – just as you do with alcohol and drugs.


As a way forward i suggest the following to the blacks of MATSHENI:


(1) MATSHENI belongs to you and you alone.

(2) You must fight for it by any means necessary.

(3) NEVER show your anger by destroying the buildings of MATSHENI.

(4) Unite – the chains in your minds will break eventually.


Now let us name the duck as the duck and the chicken as the chicken. Who is this mysterious hand? Giving direction to this question will bring the matter to finality. It is as Stalin has pronounced “(i)f you remove the man, you remove the problem”. So lets uncover the mystery. I will say it clearly – the white race created poverty. They created slavery in Africa and all the ills are as a result of their barbaric acts. In conclusion, there’s just one solution: blacks need to put an end to racism, and take back all that belongs to them – the most important of which is  LAND for human survival. As Fanon points out in The Wretched of the Earth, “(f)or a colonized people the most essential value, because the most concrete, is first and foremost the land: the land which will bring them bread and, above all, dignity.”


Blacks in MATSHENI must understand that racism is the root cause of these ills; the black race is not respected at all –  because of racism. I end by quoting BIKO “black man you are on your own.”



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