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The Silence Of The Media And Politicians On The Criminal Cash Stash Of Shoprite Chair Christoffel F. Wiese

by Lwazi Dube and BO Staff Writer

date: 20 April 2015


Dear readers, please close your eyes for a second and imagine the following: a prominent black businessman is found with over R14 million cash at Heathrow airport. When the police asks him where he got the money from he says it’s from diamond dealings he concluded in South Africa during the apartheid era and that he had kept it in some safe. He says further that he took the money out of South Africa in the form of travelers’ cheques so as to avoid exchange controls, in other words, this businessman tells the police that he broke the law. When the police asks him where he is taking the money to, he says its to a tax heaven country where no questions are asked. Our businessman is frank about tax evasion – he says so. So police then confiscate the cash and the trial court finds this money to be  “proceeds from illegal activity” and describes the illegal activity as “money laundering”. What do you think would have happened to the businessman after the finding of the court?

Today read about how one of the top ten richest white men in South Africa was caught red handed with cash in excess of R14 million at Heathrow Airport. Read how he explains it and how after a while all this money was returned to him and the case was brought to finality. If you are white you can break the law, evade tax, carry your illegally gotten money around and it’s ok. The SA media, government and political parties have said nothing! They refused to ask basic questions in the case of Christoffel F. Wiese, including: What diamond dealing activities was he involved with?  Did he not break the law by avoiding exchange controls? Did he not break the tax law by moving cash in this way? Why didn’t he ask for amnesty in terms of the tax amnesty and related legislation which deals with money shifted outside SA illegally? What does the law say about those who didn’t take advantage of the amnesty? Where is the cash now since Wiese says he got it back? If it’s now in SA then has he not committed money laundering by bringing money,  taken under questionable circumstances out of SA, back into the country’s money system?


There is a small silver lining for real justice though as BLACK FIRST LAND FIRST (BLF) says it is going to open a criminal case against Wiese for the cash he was found with at Heathrow Airport. The National Convenor of BLF, Andile Mngxitama said, “BLF has declared war against white corruption, Christo Wiese has certainly invoked multiple acts of illegality but is being left alone because he is white. BLF is going against all these white crooks who continue to break the law with impunity.” Mngxitama also asked, “this act of taking money around must be a normal activity for white capitalists. BLF is going to stop white corruption, whether the media and politicians like it or not”. White corruption in SA seems naturalised. BLF has a serious task ahead of it.


In April 2009 Shoprite Chair, Christoffel F. Wiese,  was intercepted by United Kingdom (UK)  customs with £675 000 (R14453 961) in U.K bank notes at Heathrow Airport, in London.


In 2010 a Westminster district court subsequently found that the money was from money laundering and ordered forfeiture thereof. In this regard the court forced Wiese to give up the money as it was  associated with criminal activities. The High Court later set aside the lower court’s  decision on the basis that it was unlikely that a wealthy man like Wiese would be engaged in criminal activities. It accordingly ordered the return of the money to Wiese.


So basically, there has been no real justice for his evidently clear criminal actions – nothing has happened to him. He continues doing business as if he had not been involved in criminal activities and the media is totally silent on this aspect. Furthermore, opposition parties which claim to fight corruption are dead quite about it. Is this so because Wiese is white?


Christoffel Wiese was heading to Luxembourg to hoard money for himself in an underworld economy which serves schmucks who thrive on heinous and greedy dealings before he was caught.


But why Luxembourg?


It is all about banking. There is something called “Bank Secrecy”. This is a legal principle in some jurisdictions under which banks are not allowed to provide to authorities, (the police, investigators, governments and so forth) personal and account details unless “a criminal complaint has been made ” against the relevant person or entity.  In this way the super rich get to hide their actual wealth and reveal only peanuts to the virtual and parallel world. This legal principle thus serves to produce  “sleight of hand” deceptions to protect white capitalist criminals.


Christo, as he is affectionately known, conceded that the money had been taken out of South Africa in a form of travellers’ cheques to avoid exchange controls which is a governmental restriction on the movement of currency between countries. And guess what, he pulled it off. Nobody knows who else and how much more has been smuggled out of our shores.


Recently, President Jacob Zuma went to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia to strengthen economic relations.  The President of the EFF inadvertently claimed that Zuma carried R6 Billion to Dubai for the Gupta family. This is a display of utmost obsession beyond words, notwithstanding the paranoia that constantly comes out whenever SA associates with Asia. It is like claiming Barak Obama charted a plane to the Virgin Islands for Kenny Chesney.


Whenever  Zuma goes to Asia, a lot of unrest and commotion surfaces from the rear ends of Western agenda agents. The figurative excrements completely veer off the attentive eye from the cycle of continuation. We get stuck in a quicksand of distraction and regression.


Wiese subsequently claimed that the money came from diamond deals in SA in the 80’s and 90’s. In other words, it came from diamond deals during the aparheid era in SA?  I always believe there’s a sense of truth in every lie. You just have to take it like FG loose tea, you surf out the lies.


The bottom line is that he embezzled money from SA through shady dealings. Christo is part of the so-called ” Stellenbosch Mafia ” comprising of a group of elite and rich white businesspersons, namely:


Johan Rupert ( Remgro and Richmont )

Jannie Mouton ( PSG Group )

Koos Bekker ( Naspers )

G.T Ferreira and Paul Harris ( FirstRand & Rand Merchant Bank )

Markus Jooste ( Steinhoff )

Michel Le Roux ( Capitec )


Christo owns one of the supposed “darlings” of the black communities, Shoprite, alongside Pepkor. But exactly how “darling” is Christo himself?


Shoprite only has 2 black board members out of 14, yet it is synonymous with blacks. It makes its money almost entirely from blacks – there’s one Shoprite in almost every township and seldom (if not never) in any white neighborhood. If Christo loves and trusts white management so much, why not cater only in suburbs, malls and white areas like Ackerman’s does?


Black people, the majority race, live impoverished lives and a significant number depend solely on government funds to make ends meet including the following per person:


Children’s grant: R 350

Old age grant: R 1 500

Foster care grant: R 890


All this money goes into the pockets of the elite, including Christo. To this end the money rotates and ultimately goes to the advantaged. Between the 1st and the 5th of every month, go and check it out yourself – Shoprite is abuzz! The prices tend not to matter much, as accessibility is at the apex of convenience. As the poor become poorer and periodically get a measly increase in government grants which don’t match the inflation hike – the likes of Wiese carry an umbrella to evade the tribulations blacks endure.


Recently about 900 workers demostrated for poor pay and outsourcing at Shoprite distribution centre in Centurion. A total disregard and lack of respect for the very people, whose poverty enriches the likes of Christo, is unacceptable. Black people need to start supporting black businesses and the money needs to rotate amongst ourselves. We cannot have the same system from before continue to be viable today. Otherwise, by the time we wake up, every penny will already be gone to offshore accounts.


So how is an apartheid benefactor from the pre ’94 to post ’94 eras any different? We use the same paintbrush on different papers and the colour won’t change.


What did businessman and banker Christoffel Wiese have to hide from the inquiry into the reasons for the collapse of the Cape-based conglomerate, Tollgate? Absolutely nothing, he says. Then why did he seek to do a deal which involved him repaying R900 000 to the Tollgate liquidators in exchange for a guarantee that he would not be called to give evidence? Wiese says his said action was purely a matter of “damage control”.


People were invited to attend an urgent Sunday meeting. In this regard Hoberman indicated that it was put to him by advocate Gavin Woodland, representing the liquidators, that Wiese sought a deal in terms of which he would pay a considerable amount of money to the liquidators in exchange for “immunity” that would amount to him not being called to give evidence.


When criminals get away with committing crime, people are generally of the opinion that the police, lawyers, wardens and so forth are corrupt but it must be stated that white collar crimes, which are highly prevalent, are often hidden if not erased by the wealthy perpetrators buying themselves out of accounting for their crimes. Real crimes are committed daily by the elite class. So stop complaining about pick pocketing, rather start a choir!




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