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The Dangerous Contradictions Of Julius Malema

By BO Staff Writer


Julius Malema made the following declaration about Zimbabwe during his visit to London late last year:


“We are not going to do what the Zimbabweans have done; of drawing the blood of innocent people. There’s nothing wrong with Mugabe’s policy on land, but there’s everything wrong with the method used to obtain the land. We cannot have people killed, injured because you want your land back.”


Malema said this soon after meeting with Robin Renwick, regime change agent and lead representative of British imperialism, who has been labouring to topple President Mugabe for taking land from whites and giving it to blacks. In London Malema even went as far as depicting President Mugabe as an opportunist.


After the EFF agenda was exposed by Black Opinion and it has become clear that the London agenda is anti black for colonial reconquest as exemplified by, inter alia, Malema’s direct call to work with representatives of white capital such as Johann Rupert and the Democratic Alliance – Malema is now selling “radical” rethoric to his base to keep it hopeful. He has been flip flopping hectically in the past few days. Let’s start with what the EFF said on the Zimbabwean independence day:


“The EFF is inspired by the Zimbabweans and their historical lesson shall inform how we engage in our own struggle to return the land to its rightful owners for the total emancipation of our people.”


This statement is a desperate attempt to cover lost ground after evidently sustained silence on the land question and openly calling for a united front with white capital against President Zuma. How does praising the Zimbabawean land revolution square up with the denunciation made in London? What is the meaning of “(w)e are not going to do what the Zimbabweans have done”. Malema has a message for each occasion depending on his audience. Well, that was not the only flip flopping, check this:


  1. “Rupert, your call for Zuma to step down should translate into action and see the closure of business to allow workers, including yourself, to join the march to remove Zuma. it’s time to go to the streets. Let unions join the march. We need combined resources – financial and human – to mobilise the necessary strength to remove Zuma.” Malema called directly on Rupert at a press conference after Rupert urged the President to resign and after the Constitutional Court ruled on 31March 2016 that both President Zuma and the National Assembly were wrong to overlook the Public Protector’s findings.


  1. “Zuma is not our enemy … White monopoly capital is the primary enemy of the EFF. Who is white monopoly capital? It is the Rupert, the Oppenheimer, and all those who benefited illegally from our land.” Malema made these remarks during the Solomon Mahlangu memorial lecture at the Mamelodi Campus, University of Pretoria in the week of 16 April 2016.


  1. “As long as its a productive farm, we don’t have to interfere with the production on that piece of land…When there is part of a land which is not used for agriculture purposes, we would be having a problem. All we are saying is the land must be used. It must not lie idle,”Malema said this on 22 April 2015 to allay white fears on“expropriation of land without compensation” and to assure whites that blacks only want land that is not used by whites.. He was speaking to the captains of white agriculture at a dinner hosted by Gesprek in Stellenbosch.


  1.  At the EFF’s final pre-election rally in Attridgeville on 4 May 2014 Malema assured landless blacks that the land struggle will not be abandoned. He has since contradicted himself as indicated above. But, lo and behold, in the week of 16 April 2016 he said the following at the Mamelodi Campus of the University of Pretoria: “White people must never think we have abandoned the land question. We will never abandon it.”


Malema is a politician who tells whoever is listening what he believes they want to hear. When he is with whites, he speaks white – he speaks like a house negro. But he knows blacks follow him because of his image as a revolutionary. So when in front of poor hungry blacks, he sells them dreams. Essentially, Julius Malema is a salesman and his ideology is money.




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