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South African Blacks officially fed poison by USA farmers

by BO staff writer

The Burkina Faso revolutionary Pan Africanist leader Thomas Sankara held that, “He who feeds you, controls you”. From this week the main staple diet of 91% of the population who happen to be black shall be provided by the United States of American (USA). The black majority in South Africa eat chicken and pap (maize) –  two products that are increasingly being imported from the USA. From last week the pap and chicken on our plates is courtesy of USA!

The South African Grain Information Service (SAGIS) said yesterday that since last week SA imported 1 330 tonnes of white maize from the United States. This was the first consignment since 2004. The arrival of the USA maize completes South Africa’s dependency on the USA agricultural sector after the White House had force fed us their cancer causing chicken.

SAGIS says this year SA has imported white maize from such countries as Mexico and Zambia. The low yield of white maize, which the black majority feasts on daily, is said to be in drought. This is surprising given the advanced weather services that South Africa has, including long term weather predictions. South Africa should never be surprised by such occurrences as the El Nino. However, there is a bigger question exposed by this USA food imperialism – that South African farmers do not produce food to ensure national sovereignty and security.

Imagine if the maize imports where happening in imperialist hated countries like Zimbabwe, the media would be screaming about how bad the Zimbabwean situation is because white farmers had left. The South African media has made no noise about the fact that the South African farmers have failed completely to ensure food supply for the majority and that the nation is currently at the mercy of the USA, amongst others. This is because in South Africa the farming sector is like all major sectors of the economy, still almost completely white. Up to 80% of the food that comes to the market is produced by about 7000 white farmers who have monopoly over the agricultural sector.

It can be said that the drought excuse is good for white farmers because it gives them free money. The Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, in his last budget speech gave white farmers a donation of R15 billion! They don’t have to worry about farming, they can just put a claim and get their grant. Of course, this money never trickles down to black farmers who are in the main farming for subsistence. If you lost your only cow from drought somewhere in Kgalagadi, you can forget about compensation. The South African white controlled agricultural sector is profit based, its not interested in actual production. It is driven by money.

The white owned SA agricultural sector is mostly inefficient, wasteful, oppressive and environmentally harmful. We say nothing about the fact that already it is poisoning the nation with its GMO products. South Africa is the only nation on earth that feeds its people a staple died of GMO foods. Properly conceived, the South African agricultural sector is not only white, racist, and exploitative but it makes profits out of selling the nation poison. Little wonder black people in South Africa are so unhealthy, we eat poison every day and our government doesn’t care.

The arrival of the USA GMO maize exposes the lie that white agricultural sector provides food security and therefore a radical land redistribution programme would lead to starvation. Already 63% of South Africans are poor and more than a third are without food security. Worse, the agricultural sector is based on slave labour of black farm workers who earn by law, as little as R2000 a month, which is often taken by the same farmers through various schemes including over priced goods, lodging fees and other basic needs.

The failure of white agriculture to do what it claims its good at, provides further impetus for radical land redistribution and aggressive training and investment in a new black agricultural sector which will be based on a different paradigm than the current one – based on poisoning the nation for profits. It must also be born in mind that the agricultural sector has become increasingly insignificant as a factor in the GDP currently contributing less that 3% to the national gross product. This is an opportunity to expand the sector through transformation by creating thousands if not millions of new black farmers who would feed the nation and grow the economy.

We must all be alarmed by this surrender of the food sector to the USA. The South African economy is yet again being recolonised before it even gets transformed into black hands. White global interests are consolidating in every sector.

Dear reader, every day when you eat your pap and chicken, remember it’s made in the USA.


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