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Who Is Mavrodi The Brains Behind MMM?

By Lwazi Dube

“The modern world is bad. It is inhumane, unfair and unjust. This is the world of money. It is not for people” – Mavrodi on the ideology of MMM.

What is the solution? According to this Russian mathematician, the solution sounds similar to what Aimé Césaire, who was Frantz Fanon’s teacher, had said – it is what is required to end the oppression of black people. Boldly, Mavrodi declares the solution, “Financial Apocalypse! That’s the only thing that can break our financial chains and save us all”.

Welcome to the Armageddon of money and banks and the character behind the fight against money who has facilitated the creation of a bank by the people, for the people.

Sergei Panteleevich Mavrodi is indeed a fascinating revolutionary character.  While this man has been the subject of scrutiny and vilification for some time, behind the infamy and half-truths that seemingly characterizes his life is an untold reality. The life, trials, and tribulations of this Russian genius suggests an unwavering commitment to obliterate the one world oppressive and exploitative governance of the banking dynasties, and to this end completely destroy western and European greed.

Mavrodi established the Stock Generation in 1998 which was a website that operated until early 2000. It now constitutes a part of Internet Lore and is perpetuated by generating returns for older investors via the acquisition of new investors. The question is, how is this any different from banks?

Mavrodi founded MMM in the dawn of the post-Soviet Russia. Convinced by aggressive advertisements of the poor working class people becoming rich via investment in MMM,  Russians (virtually in their millions) invested in the scheme.  Mavrodi’s consequent success led to him being elected to parliament and getting special immunity from criminal prosecution. The scheme collapsed in 1994 resulting in thousands of investors going into bankruptcy. Mavrodi was subsequently convicted of fraud and sentenced to a term of imprisonment which he served for 4½ years upon revocation of his parliamentary immunity. To this end Mavrodi was ousted by the Russian Parliament in 1995.

The fall of the Soviet Union in 1989 saw the Russian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) dropping in excess of 5 percent per annum for a period of 10 years. Moreover, Russia suffered a steep decline in its birth rate and a sharp hike in its death rate. “The timing of these events has led to the popular view that the collapse of the Soviet Union either caused or revealed challenges facing the Russian economy. Some of Russia’s alarming demographic trends, however, were already in place before the fall of the Berlin Wall.” (See “Russia’s Demographic Problems Started Before the Collapse of the Soviet Union” by Guillaume Vandenbroucke)

By virtue of Stock Generation people could trade “virtual companies” via  real money with the expectation of huge returns on their investment. It is reported that as the website was allegedly operated from the Caribbean, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was unable to institute any legal proceedings against the members of MMM for any securities violation whatsoever. This infuriated the west! Finally they had met an unshakeable force which understands too well that yes “you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs”.  In order to decimate the callous system, rules made by these western puppeteers must be broken so as to detach the strings.

In March 2012, after serving his 4½ years prison sentence mentioned above, Mavroti was ordered by a Moscow court to serve 5 days in jail after failing to pay a fine of 1 000 rubles. Well “the pig can find mud anywhere” can’t it and is it not the case that the powerful will always have justification for persecuting their adversaries? Undeterred and in 2011, Mavrodi established MMM-2011 which in turn spread swiftly into India, China, and lately in South Africa. Notice any significance there? Off course! These are the BRICS countries!  They are the emerging countries who have a robust potential to supplant the banking dynasties’ imperialist stranglehold on the world economy – South Africa for its mineral wealth and for Zuma’s anti-west “look east” stance, and; India, China, and Russia for inter alia their powerful individual and combined defence forces. You’re probably wondering, if bankers are so rich, why would they be so highly annoyed by one person, right? Well, isn’t it so that the wolf being fed enough nevertheless looks in the forest?

It is as if MMM’s 30 % on offer interest in comparison to the 7 % offered by banks, is blurred by the deafening objections from bankers and derailed by self-serving baffled agents. It serves instructive to note that Mavrodi was opposed in Russia and elsewhere mainly by political detractors for his practical socialist stance. Mavrodi’s MMM-2011 scheme must in this context be viewed as an elaboration of his socialist perspective.  He has been subjected thus far to persecution from those (west and east) who seek to eliminate competition. As they say, every camp has a Judas. 

This strategically manifesting community of defiant combatants soldier on, regardless of the lies guised as warnings. Again, what business do the imperialists have in warning us of actual or potential danger?

“Your elbow is near but you can’t bite it”. Our mineral wealth, makes our mass poverty inexcusable. Our so called spirit of humanity is being westernized – killed. So why not indulge in this financial and humane helping of one another, and kill the reactionary noise? Do you think if anything we indulge in, as Africans, is potentially good for the masses and not for a selected few, would be condoned and commended by the media? I won’t venture much into it now, but remember Matthias Rath? Yes, that’s a story for another day.

“It is good to gain even a flock of wool from a black sheep”. There’s absolutely no sense in indulging the continual enrichment of bankers and the impoverishment of the masses. The website of Mavrodi’s project, MMM, in South Africa promises that its participants can earn 30 percent per month and in this regard claims that MMM is not a financial pyramid, but a “social financial network.” MMM confidently describes itself as a “community of ordinary people, selflessly helping each other, a kind of the Global Fund of mutual aid”.

My eldest sister is a proud member of MMM and she and her friends have invested small amounts of money and have in turn gained thirty percent interest on their investments. At first I was skeptical, because I’m not easily convinced. It proves that the elders know better – my sister chose otherwise notwithstanding my frequent warnings based on my social media accumulated knowledge. Boy was I wrong for mistakenly calling her gullible.

“This is the first sprout of something new in the modern soulless and ruthless world of greed and hard cash. The goal here is not the money. The goal is to destroy the world’s unjust financial system,” says the MMM website.

So as the Russian proverb goes, “measure seven times, cut once”. Don’t act on haste or hearsay. Do the research yourself and see if there’s any nonsense to this genius project. And do borrow from Lenin’s revolutionary wisdom, “a chain is no stronger than its weakest link”. Think about it, if the system is challenged by this anti-establishment MMM perspective and all within remain steadfast, then the system shall be decimated completely and victory is certain!

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