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Julius Malema wants to topple Robert Mugabe

Featured image: President Robert Mugabe’s regime is under attack again by imperialism and it’s allies in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Photo: financialgazette.co.zw

By BO Staff Writer

Yesterday during the  launch of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) local government manifesto in Soweto, it was revealed that EFF is working with counter revolutionary forces to bring about regime change in Zimbabwe. This development is not surprising given the fact that last year Malema and his fellow leaders met Lord Robin Renwick in London. Renwick has been trying to topple the government of Robert Mugabe for a long time after the Zimbabwe ruling party Zanu-PF under the leadership of Robert Mugabe forcibly took the land of white farmers.

There has been speculation as to what did EFF and Renwick have in common to warrant a meeting whose contents remain a secret. EFF has not revealed the footage of the meeting with Renwick despite promising to do so. More than two weeks ago Black Opinion sent a list of questions to the national spokesperson of EFF about the meeting with Renwick and has not received any response.

At the EFF manifesto launch, a person who claimed to be from Zimbabwe and a former Zanu-PF leader ridiculed President Mugabe and said he must retire and go look after his grandchild. This individual was introduced as a friend of EFF. Furthermore, EFF claimed to be supporting the emergence of a Zimbabwe EFF formation. This is the strongest indication that EFF doesn’t support Zanu-PF and is opposed to President Mugabe.

The agenda of this Zimbabwe EFF, if the message from the character who spoke at the manifesto launch is anything to go by, is that Zanu-PF and President Mugabe must be toppled by a counter revolutionary process.

It must be remembered that immediately after meeting Renwick in London Malema started attacking President Mugabe and denounced the land revolution of Zimbabwe as violent and illegal.

The extravagant manifesto launch that saw helicopters hovering above the stadium hoisting party flags, had raised eyebrows about the source of funding. Unnamed sources suggest it may be British pounds which are bankrolling the EFF election campaign.

A helicopter with an EFF banner flies over Orlando Stadium during the EFF 2016 manifesto launch. Photo: Michel Bega/The Citizen

Right now Zimbabwe and President Mugabe are under attack from imperialism specifically British and American. Zimbabwe needs solidarity and support, not further destabilisation to effect regime change in the interest of imperialism.

The national convenor of BLACK FIRST LAND FIRST (BLF), Andile Mngxitama said, “any regime change in Zimbabwe is an act of counter revolution and must be denounced as an imperialist agenda”. Mngxitama further went to say, “BLF stands in solidarity with Zanu-PF and President Mugabe who is the only revolutionary president in southern Africa. BLF honours the anti-imperialist vision and commitment of President Mugabe and shall forever remember his land revolution.”


Mngxitama furthermore revealed that BLF has invited Zanu-PF to its launch conference to take place on 14 May in Soweto.

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