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“Numbers don’t lie…Really? Look again”

By BO Staff Writer

Featured Image: Orlando Stadium packed inside and outside. Viva EFF! Viva! This picture was a hit with fighters on social media. #FillUpOrlando was trending.

But there was a problem. Someone caught up in the brutal god of numbers. This god is never satisfied. Numberist must make it bigger than what it is. A full Orlando is not good enough. So let’s cook the numbers. After all EFF politics are not about substance but are about visuals. In the time of mass media and photo shopping why not create a false picture, after all pictures don’t lie. The ideology of EFF is not Marxist Leninist Fanonist. The ideology is make believe, it’s about propaganda by pictures. There was a problem of not impressive enough picture to be taken outside Orlando so a fighter makes a plan. Look carefully at next picture.

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Look again. We were also confused. Is it Orlando with Chinese or Korean writing?





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Zoom in. You being punked for real. The numberists want numbers.
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It’s a Fokong! The reality is that when substance is substituted by superficiality. When principle is shelved for convenience. When truth is replaced by lies, those in grip of such politics engage in mass deception. The ideology is not truth but a false universe of make belief. You were Punked!





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