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Julius Malema Gave Whites All Of SA’s Highly Fertile Land

Featured Image: EFF leader Julius Malema at the party’s recent Manifesto Rally. Photo: Michel Bega/The Citizen

By BO Staff Writer

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, told thousands of his cheering supporters at the Manifesto Launch Rally this past Saturday that white people must take 20% of the total land in South Africa. What the supporters and general public do not know is that Malema, by so declaring, was in fact giving away all of the most fertile land in South Africa to whites.This is consistent with the promise that he gave to white farmers in Stellenbosch in April 2015 when he told them that the EFF would not take the land that is in white hands if such land is “in use” by them. In this regard he told them that the EFF only wants land which is “un-used” by whites. The EFF’s “non negotiable” cardinal pillar on land has now been amended to make this promise to whites a policy of the EFF.

Before the unmandated amendment to the cardinal pillar on land it was framed as, “(e)xpropriation of South Africa’s land without Compensation for equal redistribution”. It is not clear when and how the “non negotiable” pillar was subsequently amended to, “(e)xpropriation of South Africa’s land without compensatoin for equal redistribution in use”.

What is clearly evident and in fact beyond debate is that the EFF’s non-negotiable land pillar was actually negotiated with white land owners who in turn were given guarantees in Stellenbosch by Malema that the land they now have and are using shall not be touched by the EFF.

For the first time Malema now has given content to what the “in use” amendment of the EFF’s land pillar means. He told thousands of people at the rally and the rest of the world via the media that; “(w)e are not chasing the whites away. We are saying you have too much land give us 80% back”. Here is the catch – only about “12% of South Africa’s surface area can be used for crop production” which is the highly productive and fertile land that is already ‘in use” by white farmers. This leaves blacks with no access to the most fertile land even if they were to be given 80% of the land outside of this fertile percentage. In fact most of the agricultural produce that comes to the market is produced on the said 12% high potential land.

Did Malema speak out of ignorance or is it part of a well thought out sell-out strategy? Well, quite clearly, the facts speak for themselves. First the land cardinal pillar is amended so as to guarantee whites that they can keep the fertile soil. Then whites are publicly assured that they shouldn’t worry so long as the land is “in use”. Now whites are openly told that they can keep 20% of the land. We know that the land which is in use is the most fertile land and Malema says it wont be touched. The real sad thing about this is how the poor and landless have been sold out. The land question is sold out again, like it was in 1955 with the adoption of the Freedom Charter.

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