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Mngxitama’s ‘Blacks Only’ Movement Vies For Land

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By Citizen Reporter

Former Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) member Andile Mngxitama’s Blacks First Land First (BFL) movement has made their “revolutionary call” after the party’s founding last year.

The ‘blacks only’ party has sent “all black people who want freedom” an invitation to its launch conference on May 14 in Orlando West, Soweto.

Two of the BLF’s ideals are “Land first! We will not buy back our stolen land!” and “Black First! The black majority must be centred and prioritised!”

National spokesperson Lindsay Maasdorp described BLF as “a Black Consciousness, Pan Afrikanist revolutionary movement, with a Sankarist leadership approach and draws from the afrikan wisdom, known as Sankofa.”

“BLF is a blacks only movement. Black as defined by one of our guiding thinkers, Biko,” Maasdorp said, referring to Black Consciousness thinker Steve Biko’s inclusion of people of African descent, coloured and Indian people under the definition of black.

“The launch conference will deliver the black agenda for black liberation and is a direct response to the white-supremacist, anti-black racist, capitalist, patriarchal society, which maintains black peoples pain and white people’s privilege,” he told The Citizen.

“It is thus impossible for white people who are the beneficiaries of black oppression, to participate in black liberation, and therefore we as black people come together to deliver the black agenda for black liberation.”

Maasdorp added: “Of course if white people want to fight for black liberation, they should form a movement and go to white people and demand the return of land to black people.”

A statement issued by Mngxitama announcing the BLF launch conference expressed the movement’s grievances with the other socialist party, the EFF.

“In South Africa right now, there is no revolutionary movement that puts blacks first and land first! We lost hope on the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) when in April 2015 it’s president, Julius Malema, sold out the land principle of “expropriation of (all) land without compensation.”

BLF continued: “In this regard, Malema assured the white agricultural capitalist class in Stellenbosch that as long ‘as it’s a productive farm, we don’t have to interfere with the production on that piece of land’ and opted instead for the anti-black demand of expropriation and occupation of ‘non-productive land’ only.”

The post economic inequality in South Africa: “Black people are last when it comes to employment! More than 45% of black people are unemployed compared to only 5% of white people! Whites are only 10% of the economically active population but occupy over 60% of the top management positions.”

Some of the other ideals listed in the statement are: “Employment and a minimum wage! Quality Jobs Now! R12 500 minimum wage is non-negotiable! Employment protection, and sickness and vacation rights from the first day of employment. Equal pay to be legally enforced and realized! An end to labour brokerage!” and “Basic income for all Now! No one should go to bed on an empty stomach!”

First published in The Citizen on 5 May 2016

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