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Rapper AKA says down with DA and EFF

SA rapper, AKA has publicly endorsed the ANC and he says he won’t perform in DA and EFF political rallies anymore. Photo: timeslive.co.za

By Staff Writer

In a series of tweets the South African hip hop artist AKA, whose real name is Kiernan Forbes, declared his political allegiance to the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC). The rapper said he shall never perform for the white racist party the Democratic Alliance (DA) or the pro white capital Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). The rapper had in the past performed at EFF events but it seems that he has lost all trust in the EFF since it has openly aligned itself with white capital after its visit to London where it met the representative of the Queen, Robin Renwick, and subsequently called for Johann Rupert to join hands with it to topple President Zuma.

Questions were asked by the Twitterati about why AKA would choose the ANC which itself is mired in controversy and has failed to deliver in the past 22 years. The rapper has responded by saying that the ANC is not perfect but it is the party whose policies he believes can secure the future.

AKA’s endorsement of the ANC raises serious questions about the role of artists in society. While AKA’s reasons for
rejecting both the DA and EFF may be defendable, his endorsement of the ANC is hard to understand. It makes sense to reject both the DA and EFF given the fact that they are both beholden to Johann Rupert and Robin Renwick and are for a regime change agenda to restore Western control over the South African economy. However, the ANC has itself not served black people.

Hopefully, with the coming weeks AKA shall better explain his political choice. Artists must make explicit their ideological positions and must be called to account for their choices. While the diss of EFF and DA is deserved, it would take lots of explaining for the endorsement of the ANC.



Source see link:

http://ewn.co.za/2016/05/19/AKA-vows- to-stop- performing-at- EFF-DA- events

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