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Murray & Roberts – corrupt, killer company

A bridge under construction by Murray and Roberts collapsed late last year. Photo: Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters

By BO Staff Writer

The hearings into the collapsed bridge built by Murray and Roberts (M&R), a member of the corrupt white owned construction cartel, has long past its scheduled date for finalization. When the bridge constructed by M&R collapsed in October last year, killing two people and injuring over twenty others, the Department of Labour said it would conclude its investigations in six months. It’s well over six months and the hearings have not been concluded and to this end are beset with constant postponements.

Murray and Roberts is not only a killer company but it’s also a corrupt business which was found to have been involved in tender shenanigans with other members of the construction cartel involving close to R50 billion. These white owned companies, who continue to make money out of illegal activities and shoddy work, have no one calling for them to leave South Africa or have their accounts shut down by banks – as was done to the Gupta family businesses.

The irony of this situation is that the Gupta family businesses, unlike rogue companies such Murray and Roberts, have not been found to have committed any crimes and their audits were confirmed to be clean even by auditors hostile to them like KPMG.

The treatment that the banks gave the Gupta family businesses compared to the one given to confirmed murderous and corrupt companies like Murray and Roberts show how the whole white monopoly network operates to protect each other. It is further telling that despite two people being killed by the collapse of the bridge, just like in Marikana where 34 miners were murdered, no one is being charged for murder. The hearings of the labour department seems to be a toothless process and to this end is not a Judicial Commission of Inquiry. The whole thing smacks of a cover-up to yet again allow the criminal conduct of white business to go unaccounted for and unpunished.

Black Opinion shall be watching developments on this matter closely. If Murray & Roberts could illegally collude to make profits out of the 2010 FIFA World Cup construction boom as well as endanger the whole of the City of Johannesburg’s residents by building a shoddy bridge, what makes us believe that this company will not try to get out of taking full responsibility for their wrongdoings?

Murray and Roberts is a corrupt murderous company, yet it’s allowed to trade in peace by those forces engaged in such dirty campaigns as “Gupta Must Go!”.

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