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Black political leaders are the “Red Ants” of white supremacy – lessons from Hammanskraal

Featured Image: Members of the Red Ants  tear down several structures in central Johannesburg. Photo: Marco Longari/ AFP

By Andile Mngxitama

In memory of the blacks who died in Hamanskraal as “Red Ants” on 23 May 2016

On a cold winter’s morning, the landless people of Hammanskraal north of Pretoria, found themselves under attack from hordes of other blacks called “Red Ants”. The “Red Ants” were sent to come and destroy their homes and remove them from the land they had occupied. The white company that hired the “Red Ants” generally acts with the authority of court orders and is hired and paid by government.

The notion of “Red Ants” is not new. This is how colonialism and neo-colonialism (democracy) functions to serve white interests. The whites come and take your land and reduce you to destitution. You can only live if you work for them. They exploit you – to keep your job you keep your mouth shut. Your soul is broken, your black pride erased. You become an object, a mere factor of production. They need an army of unemployment so that wages are kept at starvation levels. That’s how they make their profits. When their economy is on a down run they push you further down the path of subhuman existence. They retrench you. Now you are totally without any means of survival.

Then they send a truck for “jobs” to your squatter camp. There is a stampede, you luckily manage to jump in. You thank your God. They give you a red overall and a crowbar and tell you, “you going to demolish illegal shacks” for R100 a day. You agree to go and bring down homes of people who like you, live in shacks. You grind your teeth. Your children must eat. So you will destroy the homes of others.

That’s how the white system keeps blacks in check. It’s the white modus operandi. Most “Red Ants” are themselves previous victims of forced evictions. Most of them stay in squatter camps which will in turn be destroyed by other landless people under the instructions of whites hired by the government and permitted by the courts. That’s how the system works.

Recently we defined politics as “the process of black on black violence while land thieves are left in peace”. We see that the whole political leadership, from the ruling party to the opposition, are “Red Ants”. They are engaged in the process of mutual brutalization while the land thieves are left in peace. Whites have made black leaders value votes more than the land and liberation. Blacks wil kill each other for votes instead of organising together for land. This is how whites ensure a steady stream of “Red Ants” ready to do violence on other blacks. They justify it with the notion that their children must eat.

The politicians say they need the votes, it’s their constitutional right. It’s true that they will eat that night – food made of tears and sorrows of blacks just like them. Politicians, similarly, live better than the poor who vote for them. They benefit from the poverty of the voters. The politicians are at war with each other in parliament and instigating the same black on black violence via “Red Ants” protecting white interests.

Whites in South Africa are less than 10% of the population. Those who own 80% of the land are only about 35 000 whites including white businesses. They cannot even fill Orlando Stadium. Only two whites, Nicky Oppenheimer and Johann Rupert, have the combined wealth of 26 million blacks. But these whites who are land thieves are not being confronted because of the “Red Ants” mentality.

To end white supremacy, to be able to fight for the land, we must first defeat the “Red Ants” mentality. The cure to this “Red Ants” mentality is BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS.

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