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Nothing to celebrate on Africa Day

Featured Image: Freedom Fighter Nehanda Nyakasikana with some of the anti-colonial warriors who led the Shona rebellion of 1896-1897 against European rule in Zimbabwe. Photo: KK Net Media

By BO Editorial Collective

Black Opinion reissues this BLF statement on celebrating ‘Africa Day’ .

Black First Land First (BLF) honors those African ancestors who stepped up against slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism and imperialism. The struggle for total emancipation started by them has not been realised. The independence of Ghana was the first real step to liberation but this was betrayed when Nkrumah was deposed. Nyerere in Tanzania raised the black flag of liberation and shouted Ujamaa! In 1967 he called for the Arusha Declaration that put leaders in place, instead  of servants of the looter, to facilitate the elaboration of the state along socialist lines. But soon all this too was swept away by the evil forces of imperialism. Now Tanzania is another African country in the hands of the World Bank and IMF.

We honor the great march to Maputo by Samora Machel and his comrades in Frelimo, but we mourn more the surrender of the dream to the Gods of imperialism and capitalism by the same Frelimo. Cabral fought and died on his feet like an African warrior joining a long list of revolutionary luminaries, Lumumba, Sankara, Dedan Kimathi, the unnamed millions of African peasants and workers who took up the Kalashnikov and said ya basta!

We drink from the strength of Nzinga, Tubman and Nehanda in the march to Azania. Africa watched with great hope when Nejuma and Toyivo ya Toivo proclaimed that colonial  South West Africa is no more – from its ashes emerged the majestic Namibia! We watched the dream wilt, in the indifference of politicians’ comfort, as the people remain landless. In the wake of the Great Zimbabwe, Rhodesia fell, Harare smiled and then a twenty years haitas as the revolution forgot its name was LAND. The people reminded the leaders that the meaning of Chimurenga is land! Mugabe and the great Zanu-PF repented and returned land to the people. The white world closed ranks and starved the proud nation. The plan is to starve Zimbabwe into submission. The proud children of Nehanda are still standing!

No, Africa is not free!

The evil architect of colonialism, Cecil John Rhodes, had a demented dream of the subjugation of blacks from Cape to Cairo. South Africa remains a colony for Azania has not emerged from the smouldering ashes of Zuid Afrika.

Africa Day is not a day of celebration, it’s a day of stock taking. It’s a day we must ask the original question again. What Must Be Done?

BLF resolved at it’s launch conference last week to call for an anti-imperialism conference. The theme of such a meeting must, of necessity, be “Stop Imperialism – Take back the Land!”.


25 May 2016

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First published in the BLF website

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