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On the Ntokozo Qwabe saga

There is something in the human spirit called conscience and it is a very big problem to its owner when it is not clean!

Read the statement below:


Is there anything vile, violent or vulgar about the above statement? What really prompted the white girl to cry?

If, for example, I was a waiter and a customer gave me a slip with the aforementioned statement, on a nice sunny day, I would reply chucklingly: ‘I wish I had the land!’ On a bad stormy day my response would be very short and simple: ‘Which land?’

Under no circumstances would that statement reduce me to tears because my conscience is clean! I have never dwelt, nor have I ever benefited, from any land that was taken through extermination and terrorism.

Unlike white people in this country, I have never benefited from centuries of slavery, colonialism, apartheid or any other form of white barbarism.

Before I digress too much on an example, allow me to return to a question which I asked earlier: what really prompted the white girl to cry? It is because her conscience is not clean!

If the aformentioned statement, as it has no reference whatsoever to colour or culture, appears to be “racist,” it is because the land dispossession against Black people was motivated by racism!

Thembelihle Matebele

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