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Looking through the veneer of Black life

Featured Image: Pastor Xola Skosana OF the Way of Life Kilombo Village in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

By Pastor Xola Skosana

A short message from Pastor Xola Skosana who has been banned for 30 days from Facebook.

The word veneer is defined as a “thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to coarser wood or other material”. There is a lot of this superficiality in South Africa, we dress and couch everything to send a message that we are fine, Blacks are not so bad, Blacks and whites are getting along just fine, a Rainbow Nation and all that hogwash. Some Blacks don’t want to be Mandela’s and Tutu’s “party poopers”,  so they live everyday with the pressure to prove their happiness in an anti-black world, they wake up with empty stomachs into purposelessness, social death (vulnerability to violence, general dishonor and alienation to self or self-hate), put a smile on their face and fall in line as happy slaves. Poor Black kids from rat-infested squatter camps, who are subjected to horrendous living conditions, take selfies every passing hour just to present a different story of themselves. If you care to look through the veneer of some of the hurriedly taken selfies, you might catch a piece of black ruggedness in the background, a dirty rag or even pota pota, (portable toilet), revealing what black reality is all about.

This also applies to black professionals who have the biggest veneer. They also suffer daily dishonor in boardrooms where blatant racism passes as humor. They come out of that insult and take selfies with a caption, “Situation Right Now”. Look through the veneer of the mascara, you may find dry tears of humiliation.

There is a deliberate misrepresentation of the Black story. Even TV soapies compete to sell us a false picture  of who we really are, the wretched and the scum of the earth. Yes, with German cars in our carports and the language of the Queen in our children’s lips, spoken in American accents, we are worthless scums under white supremacy. We only live to either sustain, excuse or entertain whiteness.

Anything to the contrary is frowned upon, first by black gatekeepers of whiteness who profit from the status quo, then punished by whites who are implicated by the Black story. Like we have seen with arbitrary banning of our accounts by Facebook. In fact I discovered last Friday that my Facebook account is blocked for thirty days and if I behave like a happy slave it might be reinstated.

The misrepresentation of the Black story also comes to us in the form of big celebratory events such as the Comrades Marathon, the Rugby World Cup, Soccer World Cup etc. On my way to Flaggstaff, Mpondoland, this past weekend, I visited the one place with the most pleasant weather this time of the year, Durban. As a ritual, runners had descended upon the city like a swarm of bees. Five star hotels, backpackers and everything in between, were filled to capacity with athletes and holiday makers. When it was all over, so much honey was left behind, but the kingdom of King Goodwill Zwelithini, the stronghold of the ANC, saw very little of that honey.

Out of this festivity, it was Natal, not Kwa Zulu that scooped every rand and every dollar spent by the unsuspecting visitors. As always, the Black subjects of the King were only good enough to stand on the sidelines and cheer the athletes on while getting their few seconds of fame on the TV screens. Those who got involved had to settle for contract work, doing the thankless, low paying jobs in hotels, restaurants and 24 hour McDonald’s chain restaurants.

Of all the subjects of the king, it was not “hewers of wood and drawers of water” but owners of the stolen land who smiled all the way to the bank when it was all over. It was landlords, property owners and business shareholders who smiled all the way to the bank after the festivity. It turned out that the comrades marathon is not so comradely after all. Or at least comradeship begins at the beginning of the marathon and ends at the finish line. Beyond this line, whites are masters and blacks are slaves, till we meet again in the next Rainbow Nation festivity.

Nothing will change this veneer until the land is returned to its people!

Remember to Buy Black in June and let all Run-Away slaves who are sick of the plantation to make every effort to meet at the Kilombo on the evening of the 16th of June and pledge themselves to the vision of the Azanian Front, a socialist block that believes that white supremacy must be brought to an end by any means necessary!

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