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Friday Letters: Black Agenda

By Mohammed Kharva

Great piece on education from chapter 12 of black agenda but when will we put it into action?

We can’t wait to take over government to implement this.

In your piece on housing and townships would like to correct you in that we never have or should not need child care centers or after care centers that is not the correct way of bringing up a child by leaving him or her in aftercare. Is  aftercare Afrocentric or eurocentric?

Again I might be gender stereotypical when I say this but you say women should be released of their household duties. Is this the modern afrocentric way. It takes a community to raise a child but the mothers role is critical in raising a child. That is  why they say you interfere with a mother and her role you interfere with a nation.

You speak of fighting unemployment, I do not know whether its my capitalist or eurocentric education that gave me the idea that technology will replace jobs and it is my belief that we should not fight that. We free ourselves for more meaningful things. You will then ask if you do not fight unemployment how do you fight poverty. My answer to that is every citizen of this country should get a basic payment similar to the pension system however this should be regardless of age. I further say this basic pay should be given to rich and poor. You will ask why rich? My thinking is simple, to fight corruption. In the current pension system there are millionaires collecting pension because of the loopholes so to remove the loopholes and make it fair to everyone.

Everyone should get a basic grant from government

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