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Black Agenda on Health

By Black Opinion Editorial Collective

CHAPTER 15 of the BLACK AGENDA on black health locates the solution to the health question in the decolonization of both the health and the food sectors (and by extension all sectors) within the ideological perspective of black consciousness. Let’s read, educate and engage. Send your questions, comments, feedback, etcetera to the following email address: [email protected]

Black people are the most unwell people because of the systematic process of poisoning for profits by the racist capitalist system. Black people are trapped between the poison of food and the poison of pharmaceutical industries. When black people lost their land they also lost food sovereignty, and the right to know what one eats and to be in control of one’s own food production. The state of health of black people is a direct result of the food we eat. The capitalist racist system feeds blacks poison. Almost 99% of the white maize which is the staple diet of black people is contaminated by Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). Nowhere else on earth do people eat GMO as staple diet except in South Africa. Progressive nations such as China, Zimbabwe, Russia and most of Europe do not allow GMOs into the food system of their nations. The white settler land thieves who control food production in South Africa are poisoning the nation for profits.

The agricultural sector poisons the people and the pharmaceutical or health care sector provides temporary relief which in the long term makes black people even more unhealthy. Black people are trapped in a vicious cycle of being poisoned by the food they eat and then further poisoned by the medicines they are given. This is an evil alliance between the food and health industries which are often controlled by the same white-owned corporations which make super profits from poisoning people.

The call for universal access to healthcare without breaking the back of the source of ill health is a sure way to make the state give even more resources to the industries that create sickness in the first place.

What Is To Be Done?

BLACK AGENDA demands that the current healthcare system be classified colonial and driven by the philosophy of poisoning the people for profits. A true solution lies in the recognition that the only way to restore healthcare is for it to be driven by a philosophy that puts blacks first. A big part of the solution is decolonisation of the health and food sectors. In this direction, indigenous and alternative knowledge systems and health care practices must be prioritised. Decolonisation would put an emphasis on learning from the positive practices of indigenous lifestyles and healthcare, which are predicated in the totality of wellness including the spiritual and psychological health of the nation. The people’s state must as a matter of urgency rediscover, protect and promote indigenous knowledge systems and philosophies within the context of black consciousness.

One of the most salient practices worth emulating is how the healer is part of the community and doesn’t charge for the services they provide to the community. The people determine what kind of “thank you” is appropriate and sustainable. The health giver doesn’t use the state of un-health to subsidise an expensive life outside the community. BLACK AGENDA would end the exploitative relationship between the healthcare givers and the communities they serve.

A government driven by the BLACK AGENDA shall ensure that healthcare provision doesn’t discriminate against indigenous and alternative healthcare systems such as homeopathy, reflexology, chiropractic and somatology. All means must be taken again to turn every citizen into a pharmacist as it was before slavery and colonialism. The human brain is big enough to accommodate essential knowledge. The white racist poisonous healthcare system is based on promoting ignorance amongst the people. All this shall be reversed by the BLACK AGENDA.
A healthcare system that protects and heals is only possible under a black government. The Black Agenda encourages all to learn and fight for food sovereignty now as a minimum demand towards the total liberation.

Black First Land First (BLF) shall in pursuance of true healthcare for the people take practical steps to educate the people about food sovereignty and how the anti-black healthcare sector functions to make the people sick and dependent.

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