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Blacks on Death Row

By Xola Skosana

Pastor Xola Skosana of the Way of Life Kilombo Village in Khayelitsha, Cape Town has been banned from Facebook for 30 days. Below is a message from Skosana:

From the cradle to the grave, Blacks live to escape death. A trial happened many years ago in lands far away. The history of those who are greedy has judged your black skin harshly, our collective death serves their collective belly.

Many die in infacy and are only made mention of in stats of infant mortality rates by academics. Those who survive infant mortality, wait their day in a prison cell with no prospects of clemency or parole.

The guillotine falls indiscriminately, chopping the necks of both the young and the old. If HIV and AIDS missed you, you have violent crime waiting for you in the next corner. If you escape, black on black violence, motivated by politics of the stamoch may end your miserable life.

Unlike those already in hell, trapped in rat-infested refugee camps we call townships, your waiting cell may disguise as a dream come true, a degree, a job, a house and two and a half children. It’s all an illusion, we are all tributaries of the great river of Black Pain.

There is no escaping the axe, someone in your family who is more vulnerable to the war waged on black bodies by white power, may take your place for now and buy you more time.

While you wait though, you will be suffocated by the stench of white arrogance.

While you wait, you will bear the insult of white privilege.

While you wait, you will suffer the assault of white supremacy.

While you wait, you will die a thousand deaths in a world that is anti-Black.

Their housing policy serves to farm us like crops for their benefit. Their scientists breed us like animals for their purpose. Their secret intelligence agancies control our population growth to serve their agenda. They even steal our body parts without our consent in order to sustain themselves.

Blacks wake up each day and live to suck-up to whiteness with the hope to escape the blood sucking beast.

Those who are lucky, will live long enough to sing that heart wrenching song, Senzeni Na? And if you are not so much of a coconut, liberal, charterist or constitutionalist, you will sing the next part of the song, Sono Sethu Bubumnyama. The last part of the song is reserved for black radicals who live to avenge Blacks, “LamaBhulu Azizinja”.

And whites can accomplish all of the above without moving a finger!

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