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EFF, DA, S&P, Pravin and the ISIS terrorism threat

By BO Staff Writer

The USA embassy and the British government has issued an alert about possible terrorist attacks on South African malls by ISIS. This should not surprise anyone, the USA should know, because ISIS is its clandestine terrorist arm.

The big question is why would ISIS target south Africa? The answer lies in understanding the role of imperialism and its agenda today. South Africa as a member of the BRICS block has been one of the “weak links”, like Brazil. President Zuma is seen as too entrenched into BRICS process through his “look East” policy.

The strategy of distabalising the BRICS countries is designed to use the combination of economic sabotage and political distabalisation. The rating agencies, like Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s, are used to precipitate economic terrorism through down grading countries to junk status. The opposition parties then get financial support to undertake political distabilisation including mass action.

This modus operandi worked in Brazil but had only partial success in SA. It must be remembered that the EFF tour to London was sponsored by FNB which is one of the major bank’s in South Africa. During the trip to London, EFF had a secret meeting with the regime change specialist Lord Robin Renwick. The EFF came back with the #GuptaMustGo and #ZumaMustFall campaigns.

The London trip culminated with the leader of the EFF, Julius Malema, calling publicly for Johann Rupert to join hands with EFF and fund a regime change process. Rupert, like most white capitalists, is worried by the inroads made by the Gupta family into the mining sector which they control.

The South Africa strategy was that Johann Rupert would instigate economic terrorism against the Gupta businesses. The opposition was supposed to bring the masses to the streets. Rupert succeeded in getting the banks to shut down the Gupta business bank accounts. However both DA and EFF failed to bring the masses out. All the #ZumaMustFall demonstrations have been complete failures.

The lobbying in of ISIS is a slap in the faces of opposition which failed to carry out its part in the state re- capture conspiracy. Brazil shall not be bombed thorough the USA proxy because the opposition has delivered.

ISIS threats come at the same time as the rating agency, Standard & Poor’s has given SA six months or face a downgrade. This is calculated to strengthen the pro-West faction led by Pravin Gordhan inside the ANC. This is aimed at warding off the HAWKS investigation against Gordhan plus also reigning in expenditure in an elections year to give opposition parties an advantage against his own party.

There is a clear link between the rating agencies attacks and terror attacks. The objective in SA is to make sure the BRICS link is broken and perceived funding supply to the president via the Guptas is shut down. Nkandla and corruption are mere smokescreens just like in Brazil were the most corrupt are leading marches against corruption.

The USA and the British government are warning SA and its agents in opposition parties and inside the ANC that if they don’t pull up their socks and get rid of Zuma then they will have no option but send in ISIS to carry out the London agenda of state recapture.

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