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EFF recognises racist Orania 

Featured Image: Northern cape EFF leadership meeting with leaders in Orania. Photos: George Nyakama/Facebook

By BO Staff Writer

The City Press newspaper recently reported that the Northern Cape provincial leaders of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have officially met the leaders of the extreme racist cult which, in 1991, formed a whites only enclave called Orania.

According to the newspaper the leaders of Orania say they were assured their right to exist by the EFF leadership in the province. Carel Boshof, the leader of the self declared anti-black group, told the local newspaper, “the EFF took notice that Orania has a unique dispensation and the EFF told us it does not want to change or end Orania.”


According to the newspaper, Boshof also said, “we had an intense discussion where we engaged in a number of subjects that affect us both. We recognised relations could still be cultivated.” There was also consensus that the racist enclave, which voluntarily excluded itself from South Africa to avoid black rule, shouldn’t be excluded from political processes such as elections.

This bizarre turn in EFF politics does not surprise those who have been scrutinising it’s vacillating politics closely. Early in 2015, the leader of the EFF Julius Malema assured white farmers in Stellenbosch that EFF does not want to take their land. Malema said his organization only wants “unproductive land”.


Many people have asked why leave productive land in white hands? The answer was partly revealed when Malema, following the much publicised tour of London where EFF met the representatives of the Queen, regime change specialist Lord Robin Renwick, called on Johann Rupert to join hands with them to defeat President Jacob Zuma. Rupert is one of the biggest white land owners in Stellenbosch.

The Northern Cape leader of the EFF posted punctures of themselves in Orania celebrating their meeting with the representatives of the racist cult. This recognition of Orania by EFF, is the first by a political party in South Africa and has raised further questions about the ideological orientation of the party. It is not clear if EFF wants to end racism or merely accommodate itself to the status quo. Many blame the London trip for the ideological confusion that has engulfed EFF.

Today is Orania. No one knows what is next but one thing is clear, EFF has been very good at avoiding any direct conflict with white capital or white land owners.

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