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Take the battle to spaces of privilege

Featured Image: Pastor Xola Skosana of the Way of Life Kilombo Village in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

By Pastor Xola Skosana

Spaces of privilege are our last battlefield. They are synonymous with whiteness and by very design are commodified and made exclusive. Spaces of privilege are visible parts of the enemy’s invisible camp, therefore we must take our battle for black liberation to such spaces.

It requires for each of us to first identify a space of privilege in which we are given a day pass. Including private schools where our children are zombified into shadows of whiteness, fortified complexies in white suburbia where our entry is punishable by exorbitant three month deposits excluding the carport and the swimming pool levy. Lastly, private sports and other social clubs and private businesses where Blacks with degrees are turned into clerks and endure daily insults of white arrogance.

Each one of us must ask when we enter the space, what is the revolutionary thing to do while I am in the enemy’s camp? How do I subvert, sabotage or weaken the enemy while I am here?

Blacks are at war, not starting a war, but stopping the war whites are waging on Blackness. A war legitimized by their rules, their parliamentary decorum, their constitution/Bible, including the Freedom Charter they themselves authored and placed in Black hands.

To pass on crucial white company information to their black counterpart, to steal and lie for the benefit of Black liberation is a godly and revolutionary thing to do.

Oh, don’t get all churchy with me now, they have already captured the church, the Bible and the God of the Bible is already in their pocket.

To be in a space of privilege as a Black body is a revolutionary burden. “Why you and not others?” you must ask, especially that others may even be more talented and hard working than you are.

Be suspicious everytime you gain access to a space of privilege. It is in the political design of such spaces to absorb only enough Blacks to maintain and legitimize white power and white privilege.

If you cannot be an agent for the revolution in a white space, do what Samson of old did. When it dawned on him that he will not be here in a privilege white space for long, he brought down the house to the benefit of his oppressed people. For you it may be class suicide, for Samson, for Biko, and many other blacks in unmarked graves, it ended their lives!

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