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The Guptas under attack by white media for the Glencore deal

Featured Image: Oakbay Investments director Nazeem Howa and Atul Gupta. Picture Photo: Sowetan Live/Gallo Images

By BO Staff Writer

The South African media has adopted the method of drug traffickers to conceal the corruption of white capital. It is a known strategy of global drug cartels to get a decoy arrested to allow the main package to get through. The decoy is a drug mule with insignificant amounts of drugs who unknowingly is sacrificed in service of a greater crime. Often the drug cartel tips off the enforcement agencies so that focus is removed from the real crime. As the police zoom in on the sacrificial lamb the real package gets to pass thorough.

If you want to know the real criminals and real staggering corruption you must look beyond the newspaper headlines. The South African media’s reports on so called corruption by black businesses is a calculated move to conceal real corruption by white companies. The recent City Press “expose'” of the so called Eskom deal with the part-Gupta owned Tegeta is a case in point. The report goes on as if the Guptas did something wrong but won’t tell you that in actual fact the Gupta businesses only supply about 5% coal to Eskom. The real question is who supplies the other 95% and at what cost?

Last week the Sunday Times went even further into the bottom of the barrel of credibility and mined the disgraced former CEO of Prasa Lucky Montana and his incredulous claims were presented as facts from a credible source. Not once did the Sunday Times tell its readers that its main source is a man who was fired for corruption. In this way the Sunday Times was actually being abusive considering that Montana is out, down, and desperate.

The list of Eskom suppliers and the profit margins they make is interesting. Among others, Exxaro, Glencore, BHP Billiton, Anglo American are the white owned companies that supply coal to Eskom. They all make a killing out of the Eskom deal and the worst thing is they use public money to fund their businesses. White capital has captured the state and is abusing public funds. Treasury must reveal the amount and percentage of funds given to these white businesses through the Public Investment Cooperation (PIC).

Insiders in the treasury say amongst the biggest beneficiaries of easy loans are businesses owned by one of Africa’s richest businessmen, Johann Rupert. This would explain why he has been involved in the regime change saga including his open involvement in the matters relating to the firing and hiring of the minister of finance Des van Rooyen in December by President Jacob Zuma. Rupert and white business control the movement of money in treasury. They want a pliant minister like Pravin Gordhan who has proven to be like putty in the hands of white capital.

IMG-20160613-WA0000Black Opinion’s investigation shows two businesses to be among the biggest beneficiaries of state linked business. One needs to look at these companies in order to understand state capture. Both Johann Rupert and Cyril Ramaphosa have each made in excess of R8 billion from the state in the last 5 years including by doing business with Eskom.


This explains why after Guptas bought out the Swiss giant Glencore and got a foot inside coal mining, old white capital, in anger, sponsored the #GuptasMustGo campaign. White capital doesn’t want competition and efforts are now escalated through the media’s selective reporting and false claims of corruption to try squeeze the Guptas out of coal mining so that white capital can restore its monopoly.

The Eskom saga shows the duplicity of the media. The recent media reports, based on faceless sources, show that white capital is not happy that the Gupta businesses have not collapsed after the banks closed their accounts.

What triggered the new assault on the Guptas is the fact that the Gupta owned Optimum Coal, which was bought as a loss making business, has been turned around and removed from “business rescue”, meaning that the business will soon be making a profit.

What is shocking is that both City Press and Sunday Times are refusing to debate the people they “exposed”. Numerous calls have been made to these media entities to an open debate about their unfounded claims. They have refused point blank.

All media claims against corruption have to be seen against the backdrop of the media’s main objective, which is to defend white capital through skillful diversionary tactics and also through supporting political groups considered to be pro-white capital.

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