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What Will The Price of Freedom Be?

By Xola Skosana

This message was originally posted for the first time on the 25th of May. It poses a poignant question right now!

What will be the price of freedom?

A degree, a career, a failed marriage, deferred dreams?

Will it be betrayal, long term imprisonment or the ultimate sacrifice?

Who must pay this price? The old whose minds are on retirement savings? Will it be those whose lives are bank-rolled with credit lifestyles, or will it be the young and unemployed and the student whose eyes see further than all of us have been able to see and whose hunger for freedom will not be bought or bribed?

Who should we look up to for our freedom? The paid politician, the paid priest, or should we look to the penalized and suspended poet, the excluded student who is the potential prisoner, the wretched of the earth?

What will the colors of the revolution be? Green, yellow or black? Will they be red or blue?

What sacred documents will we read from when the moment has come? The bible, the freedom charter, the constitution or will we be reading the Sankara Oath?

Which hymn book will we sing from? An old forsaken creed or will freedom songs burst out from our bosom?

Which God will we call on? Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, or will it be Biko, Harriet Tubman and Sobukhwe?

What will be our sacred spear? Rhetoric, rhetoric and more rhetoric, or will it be fire, fire and more fire?

What will be our resolve? Elections, negotiations, lobbying and whinging or will it be the seizure of land with out compensation?

Let not this country of Black shame and white privilege survive yet another year.

Let it burn like the Babylon of old until Black bodies in the farms and in the mines, in jails and in juvenile correctional centres, in bribery boardrooms and in rape festered bedrooms, in universities and offices where unilateral decisions are made against the future of our children, have been avenged.

Let each one of us count the cost and pay the price for what our souls have longed for.

Land or Death!

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