By Xola Skosana

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions” ~ Ken Blanchard.

It is nearly time to escape the plantation, draw near the village of run-away slaves.

I encourage you to retreat into solitude, reflect on what transpired in the village a few days ago, find a fitting metaphor that captures the black experience we had together.

Peel through the layers and find the core of it all, put pen to paper preferably, and bring your thoughts along if you can.

Let BCP, Paula and Xabi hear your take. Walk through the long hours of Friday morning and see the faces, hear the voices and feel what can still be felt in the air.

Remember the generous spirit of Ntate Lybon Mabasa, the charisma of Nelvis Qekema. Zandi spoke like one who really cares about and is envious of the Black space, exhorting character formation while Ziyana stepped into the most slippery topic with unbelievable smoothness and ease.

John the Bapist did not disappoint, he may not have made the best tactical moves in his political career, but he can’t be easily faultered ideologically. Mzi, impepho, that’s all I’m going to say. He is definitely a heavy weight, a giant of a man. Proff Itumeleng Mosala, what a privilege to have had him in the space. He gave beyond what was expected, he even came through financially when we were in a tight spot.

I hope this begins to help you with your own reflections. The Kilombo archives are off to a great start. Generations to come will know that we were here and tried our best to resolve the Black question.

In the same way a bee eats of the pollen, flies away and makes honey, a spider eats of the same pollen, cralls away and makes poison.

To some, it may have been just a puff and pass, to others, a life altering black experience.

To some, just another excuse to be away from home and to others a collision with destiny

To some a free ride to delinquency, to others a sacred moment of oath.

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