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Malema The Political Advisor of Land Theives

Featured Image: EFF Leader Julius Malema speaking to white land thieves in Paarl last year.

By BO Staff Writer

The following video was taken last year when Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema met the white land thieves of Paarl. Similar to Mandela’s meetings and negotiations with apartheid Boers, Malema met with white farmers to allay their fears about ‘violent’ land seizures after the EFF takes power. During the visit Malema promised the farmers that their land would not be seized, thereby selling out on the EFF’s first cardinal pillar of expropriation of land without compensation – that is, before it was amended by the leadership of the party to be more friendly to their friends in London.

In the video Malema is heard saying if “it’s a productive farm, we don’t have to interfere with the production on that piece of land.” He goes further to say that when there is a part of the land “which is not used for agriculture purposes, we would be having a problem. All we are saying is the land must be used. It must not lie idle.”

Where has one ever seen a land reform program where certain pieces of land are left untouched? Where the land thieves are promised their safety, land and supremacy after the process of radical land reclamation? Lastly, isn’t all land in South Africa illegally occupied by virtue of colonialism and the racist legal framework?

We have seen how the EFF has done a 360 degree turn from it’s founding principles. Now, the party marches with land thieves like Johann Rupert and attacks blacks like the Guptas and President Jacob Zuma, while it leaves whites and their businesses untouched. A case in point being when thousands of EFF supporters marched to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) to peacefully handover a memorandum but was threatening to beat up other blacks in Thembisa this week.

Robin Renwick and Julius Malema during the EFF’s London visit

Malema’s fear of whites and his lack of understanding of structural racism is evident in the video below, and many of his vacillating statements. The self-hate is evident when Malema insists that white’s mustn’t be scared but instead should “help” and “mentor” black people in farming (something that black people have been doing for hundreds of years).

As reported in the Black Opinion before, Malema also said president Robert Mugabe’s land reform program in Zimbabwe was a failure. He said this while visiting London, a place he also went to allay white fears and meet arch-imperialists like Lord Robin Renwick. Read more about the EFF’s London trip here.

Watch the video below. See and judge for yourself:


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