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The EFF & The Notorious Chatham House Rule Of The Royal Institute Of International Affairs (RIIA)

By Tebogo Brown (based on research by Sam Ditshego)

The Chatham House Rule of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) can be defined as “a secret, that one binds oneself to, not to reveal who one has met with or said.” The RIIA can also be described as a place where “that invisible, international cartel of power and finance – which deposes presidents and prime ministers, dissolves parliaments, if they refuse to do their bidding” meet. The last quote was drawn from Dr John Hendrik Clarke.

The EFF led by Julius Malema went to London last year to meet certain imperialists in terms of the secret “Catham House Rule”. Subsequently, truth seekers who truly understand the modus operandi relating to the said Chatham House Rule have been asking the EFF leaders to make available the speech delivered by Malema at the Royal Institute of International Affairs. All efforts to this end were in vain and I honestly believe that the media was instructed to treat the EFF with kid gloves. On several occasions the writer hereof has sent SMSs to different radio hosts while interviewing members of the EFF to ask them to request from their leaders to make available Malema’s speech but such SMSs were ignored.

Anyway pictures show that while in London Malema met with Lord Robin Renwick. Who is Renwick? In an article published in the Black Opinion, Renwick is described as a “nasty piece of work.” Renwick is a chief imperialist negotiator who has successfully negotiated neo-colonial settlements in most of the Southern African states. When he came to South Africa in the 1980s he was given very strict instructions to find for the Euporean power structure a more suitable successor to President PW Botha. They needed a moderate black leader who was prepared to work with the British and willing to keep the economy in the hands of the white minority. In South Africa, Nelson Mandela emerged as that leader. Renwick was also instrumental in helping to bring about the neo-colonial constitution that was to keep the majority captive in modern day slavery. The South African Constitution was severely criticized by Sam Ditshego in his unpublished manuscript titled “Africans Political and Economic Destiny and the International Money Power” which was written between 1993 and 1994 while he was still in exile in Canada. In his manuscript he did not pull his punches. He even criticised the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania for having taken part in the drafting of the constitution that was highly influenced by the Americans and Europeans.

Renwick successfully delivered all that was required of him in just 4 years that he has been here, hence prestigious awards were bestowed upon him. So Malema attended a secret meeting in the Chamber of Commerce under the Chatham House Rule. But why attend a secret meeting while you claim to be representing more than 40 million black people who do not have the land?

The previous secret meetings held between Nelson Mandela and the very people Malema has subsequently met did not bear us any sweet fruit. Right after the meeting in question the EFF held a press conference promising to make available the footage of the said meeting. In actual fact, they said that the media can go straight to a film maker named Rehad Desai for the unedited footage. In this regard Black Opinion has reported that all attempts to get the footage from Desai were unsuccessful.

The EFF has now formed an alliance with the DA. Moreover, Malema has pledged to work with Johann Rupert to bring down the Guptas. I have the naive notion that in fact, neither the Guptas nor the Ruperts should control our economy and hold us to ransom. EFF members and supporters should seek answers from their leadership about what Malema said at the secret meeting in London. To this end they should not be blind followers who give a blank cheque to their leaders the same way the people of this country have been giving a blank cheque to the ANC from 1994, something they are now regretting.

What is it that the EFF is doing with such people? Did they finally agree to bow down to the western masters? How come they feast with Renwick, who owns the very banks and mines they claimed to want to nationalise?

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