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Land or Death

By Xola Skosana

With the house of cards falling in Europe, a number of significant lessons for Blacks are highlighted.

One above the rest which Blacks must learn is that no group of people entrust their future and the future of their children in the hands of some bureaucrats with latest iPads and iPhones, no matter how impressive they look on television.

Blacks cannot afford to ever again look to the altruism and kindness of whites for the return of the land, or outsource this revolutionary obligation to their political representatives in parliament.

Blacks must give up the 22 year long held illusion that paid politicians are capable of returning the land to the people.

As things stand now, technically, the poorest white in South Africa is richer than the richest black in the generational scheme of things, for as long as the land question remains unresolved. This is an indictment to those Blacks who have presided over such a fraudulent system these last 22 years.

Blacks cannot afford to be diverted into some side show in Europe or some village called Nkandla before we have thoroughly and amicably resolved the land question, the most glaring form of white supremacy and the preservation of white privilege.

Whiteness reinforces itself every passing minute and every waking hour. Whites will be richer when you finish reading this post than what they were when you began reading.

Both land and the property build on it, appreciates, increasing in value and further entrenches white power by the day.

White people’s credit worthiness is falsified by distorted history, constitutionally justified and accepted without question by banks and creditors alike.

Until the land is returned, Blacks will forever play catch-up.

Before us awaits a myriad of obstacles and a multiplicity of hurdles still to jump over, from patriarchy to tribalism, afrophobia, and all manner of phobias foreign religions and foreign gods brought into this land.

Our battles are many, we have cronyism, corruption, and ultimately imperialism to deal with. But first things first, resolve the land question and end white arrogance in South Africa.

Whites supremacy remains a thorn in the flesh and the unresolved land question an albatross on our necks!

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