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Fuck You Pastor Andre Olivier In The Name of Jesus

By Xola Skosana

I figured since I wear the title Pastor, though only as a stage name lately, as a fellow pastor, I must do Blacks this service, and tell you where to get off.

In case you don’t get to read the whole thing, the title captures the spirit of the letter. I do expect Mark Zuckerberg or one of his cronies to come to your defence and permanently block me from Facebook.

It will confirm what we already know, that it’s ok for whites to insult Blacks but it’s not ok for Blacks to respond to the insult. Your remarks have insulted the men slaving in the belly of the earth, digging gold, platinum and other minerals to enrich whiteness. It will be three or four months before they get to see their families.

You have denigrated every Black mother in white suburbia, raising white children while forsaking theirs in the slums.

You have pissed in the graves of Black people who died building roads in far-flung remote areas, sleeping under open skys, bitten by snakes and subjected to the elements.

Truth be told, you have not said anything whites don’t say in dinner tables and around the braai. You dropped the facade and read from the white script, the narrative that feeds your children in your bootcamps.

You are no different to Penny Sparrow who called Blacks monkeys that get released every New Year or Andrei Slade who does not accept Blacks in his guesthouse, believing they are made by God to be servants of whites.

I went for a walk today, all the Blacks that I saw were bending over, high up on top of some scuffolding or deep inside a human size refrigerator in some abattoir. The whites that I saw were seeping cappuccino in restaurants. Now who is lazy and who is working. Oh I get it, whites work smart.

The only Blacks who have nothing to do are those the system of white privilege have used and spat out, they are now languishing in the townships dealing with perpetual scarcity and grinding poverty. Damn you, we’re done explaining ourselves to whites.

To the Blacks in your church, those you tolerate because of the money they contribute to your pyramid scheme, the ones who self-hate and live in constant pursuit of whiteness,  I have this to say, “Jesus and Justice are irreconcilable.

For more information, use the money you kept for your tithes and offering and get yourself a copy of my book, Disband The White Church-Second Edition on Amazon.com, it may be the only chance to snap out of the spiritual hypnosis and escape the plantation.

Many of us who grew up in the church are now  run-away slaves, we have black liberated zones we call the Kilombo, where we redefine ourselves away from the ideas of white people about God, life etc.

Again pastor Andre, to hell with you and your disguised supremacist attitude!

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