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Black agenda on food security

Featured Image: Former president of Burkina Faso, Thomas Sankara.

By BO Editorial Collective

CHAPTER 17 of the BLACK AGENDA on food security calls for an harmonious relationship between people and nature. In this context it urges the return of the land, the decolonization of agriculture that puts people before profits, the people to produce their own food, the banning of GMO’s from staple foods and “greening the nation with food”. Please read and spread this message as widely as possible. You are invited to send your questions, comments, feedback, etcetera to the following email address: [email protected]

“He who feeds you controls you.” – Thomas Sankara

Black people in South Africa are hungry. Blacks are the overwhelming majority of the 63% of the people declared poor in SA. Furthermore, it’s black people who are part of the third of the population who are destitute and lack a regular food supply.

When blacks lost their land, they were forced to turn to what whites don’t use for food. Today, what is considered “African Food” is food we were forced to eat under colonialism. Blacks eat chicken feet, heads and intestines. We must ask where are the drum sticks and breasts? Blacks eat malamogodu, but where is the steak?

Before the arrival of the white man in our land, people ate what they produced and what nature provided. This harmonious relationship between people and nature has been disrupted violently for profits.

The whole agricultural sector in South Africa is racist, exploitative and ecologically harmful. It is also not economically viable as agriculture contributes only about 2% to the GDP. It’s the most inefficient sector and a perfect candidate for radical transformation to ensure food sovereignty of the people. When they took our land,
they also took away the ability to feed ourselves and as Sankara teaches us, those who feed you shall control you. Landlessness has led to us depending for food from those who stole our land. Blacks work as slaves on farms to produce food they are not allowed to eat. Some of the most brutal poverty and hunger is found amongst black farm workers who produce the food that goes into the super markets and is exported to whites in Europe.

The food produced for profits is poison. White farmers are not about feeding the nation, they are about making profits. That is why the price of maize, which is a staple diet in South Africa, is determined by a ponzi scheme called a features market in Chicago, USA. Whites are playing dice with the staple diet of the nation for profits.

This year South Africa is importing white maize from the USA, this maize, like the one produced in SA, is contaminated with GMOs to make it more profitable. But GMOs are not good for human consumption. Already, 99% of the maize that goes into making porridge, which is the main source of carbohydrates in South Africa, is GMO contaminated. White farmers on their quest for a quick buck chose to poison the nation and the government has legalised this mass poisoning of the nation for profits. The result is neither food security nor environmental justice. White farmers make profits but the people are hungry.

What Is To Be Done?

– All the land held by white farmers is stolen land and must be returned to the people immediately.

– A new paradigm of agriculture must be implemented which puts people before profits and is driven by environmental justice.

– Food sovereignty must be a cardinal pillar towards feeding the nation. Let the people produce what they eat so that they know what is in their food.

– Ban GMOs from staple foods with immediate effect.

– Ban tax corporations which make profits out of poisoning the people.

– Every home must have a food garden. Every school must have a community garden. Every pot plant must grow food. Greening the nation with food!

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