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Tips to avoid being lied to by politicians this election season

Featured Image: EFF leader Julius Malema and DA leader Mmusi Maimane. Photo: GCIS.

By Andile Mngxitama

1. If a politician says “vote for me, once we control the municipality we shall expropriate land without compensation”: you must know that it is a blatant lie. Land expropriation is a national competence and even then, there is no law in SA that permits “expropriation without compensation”.

2. If a politician says they will use municipal bylaws to redistribute land and end unjust colonial land ownership patterns (+80% white ownership of land): know that you are being hoodwinked. The truth is municipalities can only dispose of or lease land that they already own. Land held by municipalities is part of the 14% state owned land. Most of which is mountains and army bases. So even if all land held by municipalities was given to the landless it does nothing for the actual colonial land structure of South Africa.

3. If a politician says “we shall redistribute land within the law or constitution”: know that you are being bamboozled. The constitution of South Africa does not allow land redistribution. It only regulates how blacks can buy land from whites. Furthermore, there is no law or policy that makes redistribution possible. Which is why after 22 years of democracy the ANC has only bought back 8% of the land at more than R50 billion from the very whites who stole our land to begin with.

4. Any politician who says, “vote for me and I will give you land once I’m in power”: that one is taking you for a fool. Land can only be taken through people’s action. Primarily through land occupations. Politicians can then only make laws to give legal force to the reality of land return. The whites understand this concept because it’s the very one they used.

5. Any politician saying “let’s fill up the stadium. It’s a revolutionary thing”: is another big fat political liar. They only want you to fill the stadium so their rivals will be intimidated. It’s all a part of the psychological warfare. The main concern is creating the impression that there is a groundswell and then hopefully persuade the poor and gullible that it is more than just a meaningless frenzy.

(More tips next weekend)

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