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Micah Xavier Johnson the martyr of BLACK people the world over

Image: Micah Xavier Johnson

By Andile Mngxitama

The whole white civilization is based on violence against black people. The template of this truth was crafted and perfected through slavery. The notions of “human” and “rights” find their coherence on the permissibility to do violence on blacks without a reason. Let’s be clear here, the job of the police is to murder blacks so that whiteness can enjoy the protection of the law, because the law in white supremacist societies like South Africa and the United States of America is essentially anti-black.

Democracy which is ingrained in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights guarantees rights to humans, not to blacks because the human is possible only by reducing the black into the sub-human. What determines these categories again is nothing but violence against blacks.

If there is relative peace, it’s not peace for blacks. Similarly if there is democracy, it’s not our democracy. Have we forgotten that the USA’s founding fathers, who crafted both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, were themselves slave keepers? The rights they proclaimed were of the master not of the slave. How can we then, today, talk about “our democracy”.

In 1948 the United Nations proclaimed its “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. In the same year apartheid was formalised into law in South Africa. Have we forgotten? It’s not our rights, it’s not our democracy.

American democracy is possible because it murders blacks at a rate of one in every 28 hours. We don’t count those who are killed in the ghettos where we are kept without hope and in fear. South African ghettos murder blacks at a rate of 17 000 annually. We don’t count those murdered by the police and those in prison. We don’t count the thousands killed by poverty and preventable diseases.

We celebrate brother Micah Xavier Johnson, the beautiful martyr of black liberation – he who understood that for blacks to know peace the actual nature of democracy and peace must be exposed. He ended the monologue with “if they make us bleed, let em bleed too!” Didn’t Malcolm X teach us that “We’re nonviolent with people who are nonviolent with us. But we are not nonviolent with anyone who is violent with us.”

It’s a white man’s lie to say brother Micah Xavier Johnson was a lone man who escalated violence. He gave his life so that we blacks can live. He sacrificed his life for real peace. Blacks have gotten used to being in the cage. When one of us comes and opens it, we denounce him/her because the master lives inside our souls. We are no longer people. We are slaves. Didn’t the warrior of black liberation, Harriet Tubman, get the same reaction from those slaves who refused to leave the
plantation? Micah Xavier Johnson is our Tubman and blacks still don’t know that they are enslaved.


We were shocked to hear our black sisters and brothers in the USA embrace American democracy and describe it as peaceful at the time when a black warrior has raised his sword and declared life for life. We were thrown into tragic confusion when we saw images of blacks from Baltimore voluntarily offering their bodies as protective cover for the police, the same police who will be opening fire without reason on one of them in the next 28 hours.

Micah Xavier Johnson is not a lone man with a gun disturbing the peace. He is the son of Harriet Tubman. He was a messiah sent to inspire acts of liberation. He was sent to liberate blacks. He speaks for this whole generation of blacks. No he was not alone but stood with the hundreds and thousands of black warriors who dared to stand up because the millions are scared to say NO!

Brother Micah’s martyrdom confirms one difficult question, the claim that political organization is anti-black. Those who are organizing protests are operating within a semantics and framework created by the oppressor. Brother Micah’s act of liberation shatters this schema to its foundation and all of a sudden black living becomes possible as white life is dragged to the same level that black lives have up to now mattered – as those who must die.

All black people who know that we are enslaved must put up the face of brother Micah Xavier Johnson as our profile pictures on social media. Facebook has chosen to endorse Black Lives Matter at the same time that the movement has chosen to denounce the one who had defeated fear. The Facebook endorsement is a bribe to keep us all peaceful in the plantation and to prevent us from carrying out the Micah Manifesto of Black Liberation. But the endorsement is also a confirmation of the power of the Micah strategy. Black lives shall matter only when black death matters for white lives. Black lives shall matter when each black death has consequences for white lives. Everything else is a waste of time!

Micah Xavier Johnson ranks in the catalogue of black warriors with the Soledad brothers. Like the young Jonathan Jackson, he had reached the highest level of black consciousness. He loved his people that much that he gave his own life for them.

Micah Xavier Johnson, our ultimate hero.

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