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Zimbabwe protests: a repeat of the Washington D.C. sponsored revolutions?

Image: A #ThisFlag poster doing the rounds on social media. Photo:Twitter

By BO Staff Writer

The economic woes biting the Zimbabwean society are the creation of years of sanctions and economic sabotage by the West, along with the failed responses of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Add to that a crippling drought caused mainly by the West with its large contributions to toxic gas emissions causing climate change, and you have a real crisis. The West wants the Zimbabwean land revolution defeated and the ZANU-PF government and President Robert Mugabe humiliated.

The revolutionary government of Zimbabwe has also been making costly mistakes associated with failure to deepen the revolution and move towards total break with imperialism and neo-colonialism. The opportunity presented by this crisis coupled with the revolutionary resilience of the Zimbabwean people, and the gift of ample natural resources, should have been used to chart a path away from International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank capitalist dependency. However, unlike the progressive governments of Bolivia, Venezuela and Brazil, ZANU-PF hesitated and chose not to go radical socialist. This has left Zimbabwe vulnerable to imperialist distabilisation akin to what Venezuela is going through currently.

The recolonisation forces are taking advantage of the economic crisis they have created and are now organizing a regime change protest movement akin to what happened in Egypt and specifically Libya. The sad truth is that the genuine concerns of the Egyptian protesters, which had lead to the forced resignation of Hosni Mubarak after 30 years of USA sponsored dictatorship, were hijacked. Today, the brave children of the pharaohs who removed Mubarak are themselves under a military dictatorship without rights at all. Thousands are in jail, hundreds killed and scores disappeared. Egypt is worse today than it was under Mubarak and Mohamed Morsi. This is what happens when imperialism engineers regime change.

The #ThisFlag campaign is a Western sponsored protest in Zimbabwe and has features more in tune with the Libyan rebellion that toppled and then murdered Muammar Gaddafi. The narrative that was used against the revolutionary government of Gaddafi was that he was a dictator, who was corrupt didn’t want to share power. The demands of the NATO backed rebellion were that Gaddafi must go! Today Libya is back to being a desert. It’s modern cities built by Gaddafi are bombed out of existence, its oil fields are controlled by the West and its people ruled by marauding gun men.

The white world shall never rest until the land revolution in Zimbabwe is reversed but the West won’t succeed without internal sponsored agents.

The Zimbabwean government must also minimize the possibility of poverty which is driving the people to the charming arms of imperialism. Non-capitalist alternative economic systems should be immediately implemented and whatever resources available ploughed into the agrarian revolution to ensure food security. The South African government shouldn’t fold its arms and watch but should be the first to offer credit lines on a solidarity basis to relieve Zimbabwe of the current slump. A successful Zimbabwe is good for both nations and the entire SADC region.

Black Opinion shall be monitoring developments in Zimbabwe and bringing its readers updated analysis.

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