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Black Agenda on international relations and solidarity

By BO Editorial Collective

CHAPTER 13 of the BLACK AGENDA on international relations and solidarity calls for a black socialist approach to international relations founded on the concepts of internationalism, anti-capitalist imperialism, self-determination and peaceful co-existence within the context of principled unity. It steers the march of international relations towards resolving the contradictions via struggle between the oppressor and oppressed countries so as to end imperialistic exploitation in international relations. Let’s read and engage. Send your questions, comments, feedback, etcetera to the following email address: [email protected]

South Africa shares with all the oppressed countries and peoples of the world, the ills that are brought to bear upon our peoples resulting from the stranglehold of colonialism, capitalist imperialism, neo-colonialism and neo-liberalism.

In this context, BLACK AGENDA rejects the assertion that the very same countries that have been responsible via white supremacy, for rendering our people landless in their countries/continents of origin and thereby destroying their bodies and spirits, can also be the champions of the total recovery of the respective oppressed countries/continents, in the interests of the oppressed majority.

What Is To Be Done?

– Formulate and promote a foreign policy towards a liberated Socialist Republic of Azania.

– Align, coordinate, and manage African Regional relations and related activities towards the construction of an African Power based on principled unity so as to influence, create and shape a New International Economic System (NIES) and to this end to:

a) Align, coordinate and manage international relations and related activities;

b) Monitor developments in the international environment;

c) Establish and manage structures and mechanisms for achieving foreign policy objectives;

d) Establish and manage structures and mechanisms towards the correction of the neo-colonial situation on the African Regional level;

e) Steadfastly pursue a socialist foreign policy;

f) Adhere to proletarian internationalism;

g) Enhance our friendship with the people of other countries by supporting and assisting:

~ the oppressed nations in their cause for liberation;

~ independent countries in their national construction, and;

~ the people of various countries in their just struggles;

– Oppose imperialism, colonialism, hegemony, white supremacy and sexism in defense of world peace, and;

– Attain and defend principled African Unity of the oppressed black majority of Africa through the organizing and mobilizing ideas of “Black First, Land First!”.

– Lead, participate in, support and promote all struggles for the achievement of the total sovereignty and “unity of action” of the African states and by extension, the African continent as an indivisible single force.

– Participate in the international struggle for the complete overthrow of imperialism, colonialism, racism and all other forms of oppression and discrimination so as to establish fully responsive black first socialist governments throughout the world.

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