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Black Opinion writer gets death threats from #ThisFlag campaigners

By BO Staff Writer

The Zimbabwe regime-change Western sponsored #ThisFlag campaign is projected as peaceful by the pro-imperialist and colonialist media. However, since the strike it called last week it has in fact shown itself to be violent. The strike was enforced by violence in many parts of Harare.

Now the violence of #ThisFlag has crossed the border into South Africa where one of the contributors of the online anti-imperialist and anti-racist publication, Black Opinion, has received death threats from people identifying themselves as supporters of #ThisFlag. Those making threats say that BO must stay out of Zimbabwean affairs, but the same people have no issue with the BBC, the Guardian and many other pro-West media reporting on Zimbabwe. This again shows the pro-Western stance of #ThisFlag and its inherent violent nature.

#ThisFlag seeks to provoke the Zimbabwean government into mass violent repression to give NATO and the USA a pretext to invade Harare with bombs under the guise of defending human rights. That’s the standard modus operandi of imperialism as was seen in Libya.

Black Opinion shall continue to provide critical analysis of the Zimbabwean situation truthfully and honestly. No amount of threats from agents of imperialism shall deter us. The Zimbabwean land revolution must be defended. The truth must be told even if it offends London and Washington D.C.

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