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Black First Land First (BLF) doesn’t support the imperialist funded #ThisFlag

Image: Supporters of Mugabe’s Zanu-PF. Photo: The Herald.

By Zanele Lwana and Lindsay Maasdorp

The Zimbabwean revolution is under threat! After a decade and a half of sustained imperialist economic sanctions which were illegally imposed by the European Union and the USA, the economy is on its knees. The recent drought affecting the whole southern Africa has worsened the living conditions of the brave people of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is in trouble! We have seen in the last two months the currency further degenerating to a point where the state can’t pay its bills. Hunger plus the state’s incapacity to provide for civil service is a recipe for revolt.

Imperialism has seen this deepening crisis as a great opportunity to strike against the land revolution and topple the democratically elected government of Zanu-PF and President Robert Mugabe.

#ThisFlag is a project of imperialism and is supported by colonial forces. The discourses of corruption and democracy which are devoid of placing imperialism at the centre of the Zimbabwean crisis are in aid of colonialism. This is the same narrative used to justify bombing Libya for its oil fields.

The new London and Washington D.C. sponsored campaigns refuse to answer truthfully the question: who is responsible for the Zimbabwean economic crisis? They deny that there has been ongoing sanctions and the American president and chief house nigger Barak Obama has again this year extended the economic terrorism against Zimbabwe. Do the #ThisFlag campaigners not know this or are they themselves taking instructions from London and Washington D.C.?

The #ThisFlag regime change agents refuse to ask the question of who is responsible for climate change that is causing drought in Africa? The current drought is a creation of the white man with his capitalistic consumption patterns which threaten the whole cosmology. If whites aren’t stopped they will end life with pollution which affects the non polluting regions like Africa the most.

We see in South Africa university students encouraged by foreign funded NGOs to protest at the Zimbabwean embassies. We ask them to ask themselves the same questions about who is responsible for the crisis in Zimbabwe, if they knew the truth they would be marching to the USA embassy, the main source of the Zimbabwean crisis.

We are not surprised that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has endorsed the counter revolutionary #ThisFlag regime change campaign. EFF takes its instructions from London these days. It’s not a secret that it has changed its position on the Zimbabwean land revolution after meeting the agent of the queen of UK and chief regime change specialist, Lord Robin Renwick in London in 2015 in secret. Before going to London Mugabe was a hero. After meeting Renwick Mugabe is a dictator.

Julius Malema before meeting Robin Renwick and Julius Malema after meeting Robin Renwick.
Julius Malema before meeting Robin Renwick and Julius Malema after meeting Robin Renwick.

Another instruction given by Renwick to EFF is that white monopoly capital in South Africa must not be touched, this explains why ABSA was never occupied despite a clear public commitment to do so. This also explains why no white owned land has ever been occupied by EFF.

BLF doesn’t deny that there are massive difficulties faced by the people of Zimbabwe. Our movement understands that the primary cause of these difficulties is imperialist attack on the Zimbabwean economy to avenge whites who lost land in Zimbabwe under the leadership of Robert Mugabe and Zanu-PF.

The Zimbabwean revolution is in danger, it needs to be defended and deepened. Imperialism knows if Zimbabwe succeeds then blacks in South Africa and Namibia will take back their land also.

The government of Zimbabwe has to seek more radical solutions to the crisis. A socialist orientation that operates outside the neo-liberal and neo-colonial framework is still the best answer for the economic troubles of Africa.

We also call upon South Africa to provide more meaningful financial assistance to Zimbabwe.

We have lots of non antagonist criticisms for the government, including its homophobic policies. But we know why Zimbabwe is in crisis and shall never join imperialist schemes and campaigns which are antagonistic to the land chimurenga.

Zanele Lwana and Lindsay Maasdorp are Black First Land First Spokespersons.

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