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The Struggle against White Supremacy and Capitalism

By Black Solidarity Action

On Monday, 18 July 2016, South Africa celebrated Mandela Day, which encourages the dedication of 67 minutes at some point during the day to perform charitable deeds. It is also the day that the new hash tag, #67MinutesOfDisruption had been trending to raise awareness of the plight of dismissed workers and students of ivory tower white institutions.

Members of the Black First Land First (BLF) movement staged their own disruption by occupying the office of the Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela, to request updates on the progress made on the investigations of the corruption of white capitalists. This is in lieu of a report released earlier this year titled “Preliminary Report on Apartheid Era Corruption and other Economic Crimes.” The damning report reveals that R500 billion had been stolen by white monopoly capital since apartheid. To date, the office of the Public Protector has refused to act on the ill-begotten gains enjoyed by white capital. Click here to read the full report.

The silence that has been cast over the apartheid era economic crimes remains pervasive in South Africa’s new political dispensation. Our position as Black Solidarity Action (BSA) is that the root cause of the corruption that plagues our country is found in the colonial past of South Africa. Corruption in our country cannot be rooted out unless apartheid beneficiaries are held accountable. Therefore, an investigation and report by the Public Protector on crimes of white monopoly capitalists and apartheid beneficiaries is long overdue.

The emergence of South Africa as a capitalist country was facilitated by the use of racism and sexism to exploit the black majority for the interests of white monopoly capital. The Settler-colonialist-apartheid state had been a system designed to perpetuate the exploitation of black people to further enforce cheap black labour. For the the Black people of South Africa, capitalism and imperialism has been a parasite that has endorsed our dehumanization and the commodification of our bodies. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that as the Black people of South Africa increasingly disrupt white supremacy by declaring war against white monopoly capitalism and imperialism, that those in positions like that of the Public Protector will be asked to hold white capitalists accountable.

In the supposedly democratic South Africa, Nkandla has become the fixation of the media and political groups as symbolically representing corruption. If a democratic South Africa purports to be against corruption, then it is only logical to condemn the acts of corruption and economic crimes perpetuated by the beneficiaries of apartheid and hold white capital thieves accountable. A “democratic” South Africa, must not seduce the masses so much that they overlook how capital exercises political influence to create a depoliticized, superficial hype around certain issues that mainly target Black people, but remain silent on the crimes of white monopoly capital that has engendered the stagnation and decay of economic progress. The branches of white industries continue to gain the upperhand being that 97% of the economic resources (as expressed in the JSE) and 80% of the land is controlled by white ownership whilst the majority of blacks squat in idleness. Amongst those who wield tremendous economic power is the Oppenheimer family and Johann Rupert.

As BSA we condemn the criminalisation of activists who are demanding redress and justice as seen in the dramatic arrest of 26 BLF members on the 18 July.

We maintain that ill-begotten gains in white hands at the expense of black people must be criminalised instead. The public prosecutor must show her objectivity by investigating and returning any recoverable wealth.

We call for the immediate release and dropping of all charges of the BLF 26. We call upon the police to refuse to continue to be used as security guards to protect stolen goods in the name of ‘law and order’. Finally in solidarity with the BLF campaign, we call upon other Black people to occupy and take back their land, as well as the money stolen from them by white capitalists.

For more information, contact Pastor Xola Skosana: +27 (0) 83 687 8554

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